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"I don't like diabetes, but I love the challenge of hypos, the challenge of working out how much insulin to give, the challenge of doing my injections and bloods all by myself. I think what I hated most though, when reading about it, was finding out that it was a DISEASE and that there was no CURE. Well, there isn't a cure. Not YET. But that doesn't mean there won't be one, right? And until then, Isupport Diabetes UKall the way. I'd love to hear other people's stories. And I hope you all know, diabetes can't stop you from being yourself and having fun and doing what you love!!!!!!"

"heloo:) my name is nicole, i am 13, i have had diabetes for just over one year, i am getting my blood levals all controlled now, i am still sometimes high in the morning:/ i would love to make a new friends and people to talk to with type one diabetes<3"

"i think the site is really helpful and really exciting because it tells us all about Diabetes. I like the fact that it tells us what celebraties have Diabetes. i never knew Nick Jonas had Diabetes until now!

i think there is already everything on the site!!!! its that good"

"heey, im Ffion im 13 years old i have had diabetes for 5 years, diabetes never get in the way, but i have a lot of trouble in school with the teachers! but i would like to talk to other people with diabetes!:)"

"Got diagnosed like 5 month ago and still doesn't really seem real. im 17 and just cant get my levels under control im either over 30 or under 2. Seems like everyone's always getting on at you but suppose there only trying to help. Hope i can sort it out soon man. good luck to everybody else."

"I'm 13 and my name is Kayla. I recently got diagnosed with diabetes and only a few of my friends know so far. They think it's cool and are constantly asking questions, so I know they care. Everything has gone great and they can tell when I'm low or have a hypo. My pump is coming soon! :)"

"Hey my name is joe! I am 13 and have had diabetes for 3 years and it will be 4 years next may! my controll is quite good but i have found out i have an allergy toinsulin! i find that quite funny i am on aninsulin pumpand i love it! i think this site is great i love it!"

"Heya, it Charlotte again i been to clinic and they want me to go on the four injections at the moment im on two a day has anyone changed from 2-4 ?? which do you find better?? Please comment back it would be reallly nice to hear what some one who has experenced the change found better xx"

"Heya, my name is Charlotte and im 14. I was diagnosed only at the end of may this year. im fine with all the injections and stuff but ive had so many hypos it is kinda of getting annoying. And finds it annoying that i have to get up soo early to do my injection. x"

"Hey, my name is kerry (kezz) and im 16. ive had diabetes since i was 8. no one i know my age has diabetes, so it would be great to talk to someone my age. maybe help each other out

"Hi, I'm Georgia And I'm 13, I Have Had Diabetes For Nearly 2 Years Now, And Is Having Alot Of Trouble Controlling Them.I Would Love To Have Someone To Talk To As I Don't Know Anyone My Age With Diabetes.Thankssss. x"

"Hi, My name is Hannah I have had diabetes for three years and now I'm nearly 13 and would love to be able to talk to someone like me x"

"Hi I'm Amy and I have had diabeties since I was 14 months old. I am 13 now. I love to meet children the same age as me with diabeties! So if anyone is 13 and a girl with diabeties we could maybe have a chat! (:"

"Hi, its me again all i wanted to say was this website is great and can help with a lot of things it has helped me with many things and if any one wants a pen pal, someone to talk to just put a comment on and i will check most days. i am keeping up with my blood sugars well trying to sometimes when you just want to hide it you cant. at school my form know y im doin it just not much about it so i dont hide it from them espeically my bezzies and boyfriend."

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