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TheDiabetes UK Helpline is open 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, on 0345 123 2399 if you need to talk to someone who can help with your diabetes problems. 

Please remember to ask for permission from whoever pays the phone bills before you call. See theHelpline page for call cost details.

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Can diabetes delay a first period?

Does having diabetes delay getting your first period?

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Teenager-bedroom-you-life-2.jpgI've stopped being upbeat and fun

Since I was diagnosed, I have gone into a shell where I have stopped being fun and upbeat like I used to be.

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Other people don't understand about diabetes

I have had diabetes for six months. It is really hard because I can't have sleepovers at my friends houses and sometimes people ask me if I have "eaten too much sugar".

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Diabetes is getting me down at school

I've seen teenagers on television ignoring their diabetes. I'm feeling different from the other kids at school about starting to get down about my diabetes.

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Can your body reject insulin if badly controlled?

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Will my diabetes stop me from joining the Navy?

Ever since I was little I wanted to be in the Navy just like my mum. When I was told I couldn't because of my diabetes I was heartbroken.

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I use a pump – can I play rugby?

I'm about to go to a school where all the boys play rugby. I'm worried about having my pump ripped out. Can I play?

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I'm losing my hypo awareness!

I'm not sure when my levels are going high or low – so now I have to test all the time. Do you have any tips?

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Should I go on an insulin pump?

I don't like the idea of something being stuck inside me, and I fear it will make me stand out.

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My teachers think I have poor control

My best friend and I both have diabetes. However, when I have a hypo at school they seem to be a lot worse. I just want my teachers to know that compared to a lot of people my readings are really good.

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I've been diagnosed with depression

I was diagnosed with depression aged 14. I'm now 15 and still struggle with it and have been in denial if I'm truthful. I stopped taking my insulin last year and have stopped again now.

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My nurse is getting annoyed!

I'm finding it really hard to control my diabetes; I feel that my nurse is getting kinda annoyed at me because my HbA1c has been high for about a year.

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Mum's not helping!

"I'm not very good at controlling my levels, and it seems like mum is always getting on at me!"

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Can I wax my legs?

Will it do any damage?

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I want to work in childcare

Will my insulin pump get in the way?

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I need motivation

I'm worried that I need to look after myself, but feel that I can't tell anyone.

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I'm confused by my diabetes

I wake up every morning and all that pops into my head is diabetes. I know I have got to move on but I feel like I can't – I feel like it's pulling me back.

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I can't stop eating sweets

As soon as I started secondary school my blood sugar levels went through the roof. I started log book lying and now I'm starting to mix up my appointments. I'm going off the edge and I'm getting really emotional about it. I can't stop lying and eating sweets.

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Getting over the emotion

When I started secondary school, I started skipping my injections and making up my blood sugar results. Every time I go to clinic, I end up breaking down in tears for no reason! Is there any way that I can get over this emotional thing?!

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I think I may have diabetes

I have the majority of symptoms, including tiredness, thirst, change of attitude, etc. I don't want to waste my GP's time, or worry anyone. How can I be certain I have diabetes?

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Worried about having babies

I don't want to get pregnant if my diabetes will harm it. I'm terrified and, although it's a long time away, I want to know if anyone's had kids with diabetes and how it was for them and what they did?

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My HbA1c is over 14%

My HbA1c is over 14%. My diabetes has never been under control mostly because of myself never doing blood tests. I'm scared at what diabetes could do to me in later life. I do want to start taking control but is it too late?

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Insulin and weight gain

I am 13 and have had diabetes for seven years. At 12 I was very secure; I looked great and couldn't wait for summer bikinis to come to round it all off. Now I have started excessively eating again, and mum has noticed I am looking 'bigger'.

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Problems at home

Recently my parents split up and got a divorce. I have started sixth form and am struggling. I have also just split up with my long term boyfriend, which I am still shocked about.

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Log book lying

For the past two years I've been changing my test results log book to make it look like I have been controlling my diabetes better than I have been.

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