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Me and my diabetes

Take control – Live your life


This section is packed with advice on the practical side of controlling your diabetes, and dealing with everyday questions and problems.

So whether it's checking your blood glucose levels, taking your insulin, deciding what to eat, telling your friends or handling a job interview, you should find all the info you need here.

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"I was diagnosed when I was only one year old. Like many of you I have never experienced life without diabetes. I'm now 17 and in year 13. Having diabetes has never stopped me from participating in anything! I'm captain of my school basketball team and love sports generally! Diabetes is also more common than many of you might think, and all it needs is good control. So always stay positive and remember, just because we have diabetes doesn't mean anyone else is better than us - it means we're more unique! So stay positive everyone!" -

"Hi, my names Amy and I'm almost 14 ive had diabetes scince i was 2 years old and i just find it a breeze now theres no need to think you stand out... it will be hard to start off with but as you grow into it it will become easier can still be the same as everyone else and do the same things there is no need to be different if anyone wants any advice or just wants to know about someone with diabetes just let me know just remeber thee might be a cure for diabetes one day."

"Hi my name is caley I'm 14 and I was diagnosed in March 2014. I've not had diabetes for that long I'm still trying to get use to it but it's so hard I mean no one in my family has it and only 3 people at my school have it and their older and younger and both boys . I would just love to speak to people my age who are going through the same thing . :)"

"In response to Ciera, I am currently 15 and will be 16 in February. I was diagnosed when I was 11 months so I have no real idea of what it is like to be "Normal". However I understand how it feels to see "Normal" people eating what and when then they choose. I know it's difficult and recently I have been struggling with the control of my diabetes and it SO sounds like the doctors are saying your doing everything wrong. As for tips on the eating and things, I would say to not eat things like doughnuts when we a simply hungry, and then after a while of doing so you have an exuse to throw a huge hissy fit when someone says your not eating properly. My Mum is a diabetic and has been since she was 10 and sometimes I feel I can't talk to her. But after I started to talk more to her about it, I found it became easier and I found it easier to empathise with how she actually felt. You may well find the same thing with your mum. I will also suggest to talk to your doctors during clinic, ask them questions about things (as they think your interested and may be nicer towards you) also asking those out of the box questions does help. And just as a heads up, when you do get frustrated don't hold it all in or take it out on the people close to you, I suffer with this a lot- I would suggest going out to the garden and chucking so things around, throwing cushions aroung your room, my personal favourite is to get random paints and a bigish brush, then go crazy splat painting, after a while it gets rid of the anger and just leaves you there laughing at the mess you've made (all of the suggestions are provided you have permission and nothing fragile around hehe) but basically find your own way to deal with it. xx"

"I'm going to turn 14 in a couple of months and I've had diabetes since I was 4. I can't remember not having diabetes. I got a pump when I was 9 as I was on 5 injections a day. The pump is really good as it give you more freedom. I love my pump but it gets annoying when have to were my leotards for dance but apart from that it's really good. My blood sugars are lower and more stable than when I was on injections. If you're thinking about getting a pump I highly recommend it. I didn't like putting the cannulas in at first but it didn't take very long to gets used to it because of injections."

"Hi, I'm 14, and I have had diabetes since I was 11. It stinks. I hate it so much because every time I go to the clinic I get told that my long term test is too high but I dot know what to to do :-( I feel that if I tell my mum how I feel, she'll shout and tell me I have to live with it because she has it too but she's always been fine with it! I always get told that I'm doing everything wrong and that either my weight isn't right or I'm eating the wrong foods :-( I just feel that I have no one to talk too and I'm embarrassed to tell everyone at school ."

"Hey I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 7 and I am now 13. For ages I couldn't self inject as I was too scared! This was a problem when I went to a secondary but I finally started. I have only just started injecting in my tummy and I'm am too scared to have an pump set in my tummy or anywhere really. Could someone tell me what its like to have a pump in your tummy?? ? X"

"I'm 13, turning 14 and I've had diabetes for nine years and I still remember every thing the day I was diagnosed. I understand it's really hard but I say hang in there! Diabetes doesn't own you, you own diabetes. Live your life to the max and don't care about others. Just think of yourself as a unique person."

"I think the site is very useful. I think it has lots and lots of information."

"I am hollie and i was diagnosed with diabetes when i was 2, i am 12 now. I have just recently got the pump and i think it is a great thing! Although you have to do your blood glucose tests more often the pump provides you with more freedom. You have the chance to eat more food with a bit more sugar in it more often but you cant eat too much or you gain weight quickly. It seems complicated at first but soon your brain adapts to the changes.

I would strongly recommend getting a pump. if you have a pump check out the website: funky pumpers. It has loads of cases to carry you pump around in and can make it look like a fashion accessory! good look."

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