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Food and diet


Good food guide

What can you eat now you have diabetes? Anything you like!

But whatyou eat? And how much? And how often?

This section tells you all you need to know, from the basics, to food groups, and from snacks to eating out.

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"i love food and thats a big problem. i love sugary food and icecream.. its the best but this means my blood goes out of controll!"

"hahaha i love food, thats the problem ;) the amount i eat, getting blood sugar under control is a struggle, to say the least... xxxx"

"Arrrggghhh. Food, I hate it. I find it so hard. My diet isn't very good but I'm not sure what good to eat that I like?"

"This has really helped me to keep my head held high and if you try you will make a diffrence."

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