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To help avoid complications, we all know it's important for you to take control of your diabetes – not the other way round. The trick to cutting the risk of having complications from your diabetes is to control your blood glucose levels.

Good control means keeping your levels as normal as possible – between 4 and 8mmol/l before meals and under 10mmol/l by two hours after a meal for most of the time.

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"Hi my name is Becky i am 12. I was newly diagnosed just about a month ago, and I get really upset about it because I try not to think about it during the day then at night in my bed, I find it really hard to get to sleep because its all I can think about because I am trying to avoid it.

If you are like me and get upset about it then my best tips for you are that you have to just face it. You have got diabetes and nothing is going to change. That may sound harsh and when I first got told that I got upset but now I think about it it's true. Don't try and pretend it's not there because it's there and it's going to stay!

I also have to say there is something that really cheered me up, and that was my medic alert bracelet. Some people really like it, but then other people see it as they are attached to their diabetes. It is a special bracelet so that if you are out on your own, and you have a hypo and faint, any decent person would phone an ambulance. Then the medic people from the ambulance will see the bracelet and know what's wrong and they will help you.

I am going for my black belt in taekwondo soon, and I was worried that wouldn't be able to. Boy, was I proved wrong!!!! Don't let diabetes stop you from doing ANYTHING!!!!! Because it shouldn't.

I know this is long, but if you read this thank you so much because just doing this made me feel great about myself! Xxxo"

"i was staring year 8 when i fand out i had diabetes 1 i went rilley ill when i got to the doctor i claps haw is hirly a year geting beter at it haw i had 50 chans to live i lost 4 stone ..."

"ii Agree Wiith Both Of You My Levels Was Perfect At The Start But After A Year They Went All Over The Place Abd ii Try To Control Them But Nothiing Seems To Heppen. ii Dont Get Why, What Else Can ii Do To Help Me Keep Control Of My Levels ?? x"

"i totally agree with sophie i have been diabetic for 5 yrs type 1. in the beging i was between 4 an 8 before meals and under 10 after meals. im the same, the past 2yrs its just gone all over the place and it does make you feel like a failure. i worry all the time about being diabetic and get upset very easily now as i cant seem to control it. i have tried the gi diet and have just bought scales and a book for carb counting. it makes me seem thick as i dont understand any of it. i feel so useless."

"When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I was told my blood sugars should be between 4 and 8 before a meal and no more than 10 two hours after. I went through a very bad patch that started about 2 years ago and it still hasn't ended. Now my blood sugars are anything between 3 and 20 before a meal and anything 2 hours after! I don't agree with people telling you such tight levels because, if you can't achieve them, it makes you feel a failure."

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Regular blood glucose testing helps you keep better control of your diabetes. Find out why and how to do it, plus our top tips for getting it right.

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Almost everyone with diabetes experiences hypos (aka hypoglycaemia), so you need to know why they happen and what to do about them.

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