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People with diabetes should be able to rely on family, friends and boyfriends or girlfriends for support with dealing with the condition.

But don't forget they will need your help too – to understand diabetes, and how it does (and doesn't) affect you.

The information in this section will show you (and the people close to you) how to deal with your diabetes within your relationships.

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"Im twelve...I've got a boyfriend ... David! I love him soooooo much. But I've not told him yet...I hope when I tell him he'll be supportive and we won't break up ."

"i love my boyfriend <3 dspaz ;)xx"

"Hello my nameee is Lauren <3. I have had a boy friend called Stephen for 3 months now. We got together on the day i was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 on January 12 2011. Ever since i have been diagnosed we have spent a lot more time together which is great. He is really supportive and i love him loads <3 xxxxxxxxxx I Loveeee Yhaaaa Babiieeeee"

"hey guys, im 13 and i've had a few bfs but it's turned out all right. i mean, none of them really mind or anything,and neitther do my friends, or enemies, for that matter. as a matter of fact, my friends ended up caring more for me.

there's always those people who're immature enough to give you a hard time about it, but seriously, brush it off. i've done that to a couple of people at school, just be confident about it and they'll get bored doing it. it's not really going to affect your persoanl relationships and life in this way, so just be confident. that really helps, and you'll see that you'll get more care that way than hatred. i mean, we're teens, we're meant to have fun, so lets go on and have that fun! xx"

"im 13 and everyone at my school knows i have diabetes some think its okaay but some dont accept it!

ive had a few bf's and some think its okay but some when they find out they go all wierd and we end up breaking up its happend a few times and i want to know is it going to happen all my life?

my ex who was and still is my guy bestfriend knew about my diabetes and all my other problems but when he came round my house and saw me injecting and testing my blood and went all quite and didnt want to come round again for a while he knows a bit about it and doesnt mind me doing it know but he just doesnt want to go out and he said thats once of the reasons why what can i do cant anyone help me?!?love carlaa xxxx"

"My best friends and boyfriend really take care of me, they make sure i do my injections, sort out my blood sugars, dont eat chocolate.

it can be kind of aggitating, but i know they care. they often come to clinic with me for support or to learn more about it. they really want to help me out."

"I've just met a guy, we both have type 1 diabetes and we're getting on so well. We have fallen head over heels for each other. We remind each other to take our insulin. Everything is perfect."

"I have been in a long term relationship with my girlfriend for a year and a half now. She is the best thing ever to happen to me and i'm certainly not ashamed to be diabetic and to inject around her. In fact she helps me with my diabetes. She sees my diabetes as part of me and not as a problem, my diabetes has never been a problem and i hope that others will take comfort in the fact that diabetes shouldn't and for me doesn't get in the way of a social life."

"I have Type 1 diabetes and have done so for 10 years now. I'm 19 and 20 in June. I think it's outrageous to consider having a relationship and them not knowing your health conditions. I'm not ashamed that I have to inject, as it is not my fault and need to do so in order to live. I have a boyfriend and he accepts everything I tell him. He always gets me food when I have a hypo, and isn't scared to ask questions. I sometimes feel he knows more than my Doctors. :)"

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