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Hannah was in year 11 when she went on a geography trip to Sicily with her school.

Hannah said, “About a month before I was told by my nurse that I could have a pump, which I thought was fantastic. So just days before leaving for Sicily I received my pump, and all the training that comes with it. A scary thought! So I left for Sicily with all my diabetes equipment and a phone number to ring if I needed. To be honest, I didn’t feel nervous, which seems strange now I think about it."

"So I was going to a foreign country, having days experience of using my insulin pump, and my mum worrying like mad about me. As it happens, I had a fantastic time, with lots of hypos, but these were to be expected. This was until one of the volcanoes in Iceland erupted and stopped me from flying home when I was supposed to! I was then faced with the prospect of another stay in Sicily and not enough diabetes supplies to see me through."

“My teachers were very good and asked me if I needed more supplies, and reassured me that they could get more if I needed it. After a day or so we found out that we could in fact go home, but it would have to be by coach. This was a huge relief to me, not just because of diabetes but also because my birthday was coming up."

"We travelled from Sicily to Italy by ferry, then by coach all the way through Italy, where we stayed in a hotel for the night so I could keep my insulin cool. We then carried on by coach through Switzerland and France until we reached Calais, where we got a ferry across to Dover. Then there was another coach from there back to my school. All in all, a very interesting experience! But I survived and I proved to myself that anything can be done with diabetes, even when you’re only days into using an insulin pump!”

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