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Cynthia and Bill's Story


Cynthia had a history of diabetes in the family with her mother and aunt both having Type 2 diabetes so wasn’t completely surprised when she was diagnosed.


She didn’t exhibit any of the symptoms but when she was admitted into hospital to treat an unrelated illness, she was diagnosed with the condition. Her healthcare team was very supportive and provided lots of advice and support


By contrast, when Bill was diagnosed 12 years ago he was simply told to 'go home and eat what your wife eats' – not very helpful at all. 

Bill was invited to attend a small group for a couple hours but didn’t feel he got much from it. Being told he “shouldn’t be eating tinned tuna or olives at all” was about the only thing that stood out. 

My broad knowledge of diabetes was ok but it was the small things like what specific food I could or couldn’t eat that was missing. Being able to ask a professional on the Living with Diabetes day about was so helpful. I’m very pleased that olives are now ok to eat again.


The Living with Diabetes Day was the first time I felt I had had a personal interaction with a healthcare professional that was jargon free and easy to understand. 


Cynthia said: “We felt spoiled and extremely welcomed. The team were very warm and friendly and very down to earth which made us feel relaxed and able to ask any questions we had. The day has really increased my confidence, reaffirmed that I was doing the right thing and gave me a good reminder of things to help me manage my diabetes.”

Already a member of Diabetes UK, Cynthia has starting giving monthly since attending the event. 

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