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Kishor's story


Kishor was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes three years ago – he felt it came completely out of the blue and found it hard to accept.


He was admitted to hospital in the morning and thought he’d be out in time for the school run in the afternoon. He ended up staying 10 days, having been extremely ill with very high blood glucose levels that needed urgent medical treatment.


A while after he left hospital Kishor decided to take matters into his own hands. 

Although his healthcare professional team didn’t signpost him to Diabetes UK, he had heard of us from experience in facilitating workshops with Diabetes UK Community Champions as part of a work project. After seeing the help available on our website he joined Diabetes UK and was informed about Living with Diabetes Days.

Kishor liked the way the day was structured, with workshops on several different topics. He found the Food and Diabetes workshop particularly helpful and began to understand the importance of eating frequently to keep his blood glucose at the recommended level and got some ideas for new healthy meals to try. He also got the chance to talk to many people at the day who had the same concerns about what they could or couldn’t eat.

He felt the Everyday Diabetes workshop was structured in an informative way and the driving aspect really resonated with him. He drives with children and grandchildren in his car and didn’t want to be putting them at risk if he had a hypo whilst driving. He felt that from the information given to him by Diabetes UK it was his responsibility to take action and drive safely.

He also made a change by educating his work colleagues on how to help him deal with a hypo and spot when he’s feeling unwell – he now keeps a good stock of treatments in his desk, which he never used to do. By meeting other people with Type 2 diabetes, talking to Healthcare Professionals on the day and finding support from Diabetes UK, Kishor took positive action to better manage his condition and educate his supportive friends and family as well. 

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