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Sarah's Story



Sarah now runs her local Diabetes UK group

Sarah, 41, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in May 2014. After speaking with her doctor she was told this would be life changing but wasn’t given much support or offered any education. She felt devastated.


Whilst waiting for an appointment with her GP in November she noticed a postcard in the waiting area promoting the Newport Living with Diabetes Day and instantly felt this was something she wanted to attend to get the support she needed. She registered for the day and her mum came along with her for extra support. This would be the first time she was exposed to any education since her diagnosis.

The Living with Diabetes Day in Newport truly was a life changing experience for me. I now feel comfortable talking about diabetes to other people and I have the information I need to really live well with the condition. Whether you’ve had diabetes for 20 years or 20 minutes you will get something from the day.

On the day

Seeing so many people from Newport on the day was reassuring and Sarah felt she wasn’t alone with her condition and that it wasn’t the end of the world that she was living with Type 2 diabetes.

She felt a day run by a recognised charity with healthcare professionals proving information was essential for her and loved the structure of the day. After reading up on so much information online it became hard to filter out what was actually correct so to ask questions directly to the experts was ideal.

During the day the volunteer team from the Wales office asked attendees if they would like a local group set up in the area to provide ongoing support after the day and the majority said yes.

Group legacy

In December, Sarah emailed the team to offer her support to get the group up and running. After four meetings with Amie and Sara from the Wales Volunteer team, the group officially began in February 2015.

Becoming a leader for the newly formed Newport group made Sarah feel energised, motivated and gave her something to focus on. From attending a Living with Diabetes Day Sarah has been a crucial part of team that will now offer ongoing local support for people in the Newport area.

TheNewport local groupmeets the third Thursday of every month between 7pm - 8:30pm at St Julius and Aaron Church Hall, Heather Road, Newport, NP19 7JT.

Twitter: @NewportDiabetesEmail:

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