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Vida's Story


Vida was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2010. She works as a volunteer at Diabetes Help at the NHS Trust Plymouth providing email support and promoting services in the area locally.


Her husband has a high risk of Type 2 diabetes and came along with her to the day for support and to learn more about the condition.


Having previously been to an education day Vida still felt attending the Living with Diabetes Day would provide a great opportunity to talk to other people and learn something new.

On the day

She says: “There were lots of opportunities to ask questions throughout the day which was great and I also got to meet lots of people who have Type 2 diabetes so I could share stories and offer tips to.

Diabetes can be very isolating so it was great to have support from the health care professionals on the day and learn about the other services available in the area.


Vida said: "I enjoyed the food and diabetes workshop in particular which was led by a dietitian. It was nice to know that there is nothing off limits and I just need to be sensible about my choices. They had a food labels hand-out which I found extremely helpful and easy to understand, I’ll be using that when thinking about doing my food shopping.”

Focus on prevention

After attending the day my husband is now more determined than ever to not get diabetes and I continue to get support from him when managing my condition. 

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