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Meds and Kit 2017 corrections - Balance

Diabetes Balance would like to apologise for errors in the printed edition of Meds&Kit 2017 supplement, which was included in Diabetes Balance November–December 2016.

On page 4, blood glucose meters 04 (WaveSense JAZZ) and 05 (WaveSense JAZZ WIRELESS) also use WaveSense JAZZ test strips.

On page 16, under ‘SGLT-2 inhibitors’, the correct daily dose for empagliflozin should read: ‘If eGFR is less than 60, use 10mg, discontinue if less than 45’.

On page 19, each box represents two-hourly intervals, going up to 36 hours in total.

The errors have been corrected in the digital edition of Meds&Kit 2017, which is available to download atDiabetes UK's online shop

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