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Dunoon Type 1 Quest (week-long)

Sunday 23 July 2017 - Saturday 29 July 2017

Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland

This event is most suited for children aged 8-10 years old (Key Stage 2)

Price: £375

This Type 1 Quest is set to be an exciting one! It is a new location for our Type 1 Events. Children will take part in activities such as climbing, kayaking, raft building and lots of other fun and enjoyable activities.

Your child will be supported by volunteer doctors, nurses and dietitians, as well as volunteers living with and/or have an interest in diabetes. With the support of our experienced volunteer teams, your child will have the opportunity to learn more about managing their diabetes, such as carb counting, trying out new injection sites and adapting their insulin according to the activities they are doing. 

The event costs £375 and is a chance for children with Type 1 diabetes to meet others facing similar issues as them, make new friends, try out new things and spend time away from home.

Apply for the Dunoon Type 1 QuestApply for the Dunoon Type 1 Quest

For more information or to talk about your funding options, please contact the Events Team

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