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Donations to Diabetes UK’s care events


Gifts in Kind

Diabetes UK would like to thank the following companies for their kind donations:

  • Abbott Diabetes Care
  • Bayer
  • BBI Healthcare
  • BD Medical
  • Dextro Energy
  • GlucoMen
  • Lifescan
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Owen Mumford

Their continued support is vital to the success of our events and help to ensure we offer the highest level of care.

By providing us with a range of equipment and supplies we are able to focus our funds on offering a variety of exciting activities and maintain the number of children and families we can cater for. 

About Diabetes UK Care Events

Diabetes UK Care Events help to bolster knowledge and confidence.They provide a variety of opportunities that give children and families a chance to meet others with diabetes. They can learn from each other and talk about all aspects of living with diabetes with our volunteer healthcare team.

We receive extremely positive feedback from the events, one parent stated:"Ellie enjoyed the holiday enormously, she came back feeling confident about managing her diabetes with a real sense of independence and possibility."

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