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Frequently asked questions - Type 1 events


Can I get help paying for a Type 1 Event?

We try our best to keep the costs of our events down for everyone by subsidising them. But if you need help with the cost, funding options are available for those who may need it. You can find out how you can get extra help to pay for an event by calling us on 0345 123 2399 or emailing

Who are our volunteers?

As well as volunteer doctors, nurses and dietitians, we also have non-clinical adult volunteers. Many of our fantastic volunteers have Type 1 diabetes themselves or have children/family or friends with Type 1. All volunteers receive full training and go through thorough safeguarding processes including a criminal record check.

All our events have generous child to volunteer ratios so we can give a high standard of care. Parents can be secure in the knowledge that their child is being looked after by qualified and committed volunteers.

Are they just for newly diagnosed children?

No. Our events are great for your child no matter how long they have had Type 1 diabetes. They’re about growing confidence and independence which is important at all ages and stages of diabetes.

Will my child be with other children of very different ages?

No. We always make sure that children are grouped with others of a similar age. We know that an 11 year old is very different from a 15 year old, and they’ll have different challenges and questions.

My child hasn’t done these activities before so I don’t know how much insulin/carbs they will need.

That’s all part of it. Our experienced volunteers and healthcare professionals will work with your child on the event to make sure they understand what is happening to their blood glucose and how to manage their diabetes. You’ll be advised about what your child needs to bring in the pre-event information.

My child has never stayed away from home before. Are these events appropriate?

Yes. Type 1 Events are a great stepping stone before children start school trips or sleepovers. Our volunteers are on-hand 24/7, and night blood glucose checks can take place if needed.

My child has been on a Type 1 Event before, can we apply for another?

Hello again. Yes, absolutely. Children should continue to develop confidence and learn new things about their diabetes. If an event is oversubscribed we will give priority to children who have never been on one before, but we will discuss every situation with you.

What if I have some further questions?

No problem. We understand that there are loads of questions you might have ahead of a Type 1 Event. Do feel free to contact a member of the events team on 0345 123 2399 or on 

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