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NI Parent Peer Support




Call us if you're the parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes in Northern Ireland


How to contact Parent Peer Support

Call: 028 9068 6305, Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm.

Or leave a message and one of our team will get back to you.

Alternatively email orsubmit your query.

What is the Parent Peer Support Service?

We know that when a child is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes it can be overwhelming and uncertain. There can either be too much information or not nearly enough information. It usually comes as a massive shock and impacts the whole family. So we want to help as you find your feet.

We have parents who know exactly what it feels like to go through the initial diagnosis and beyond so they are now trained to support you. Our trained volunteers have children and teenagers of all ages so know what it is like through all the stages and ages, the good times and the more challenging times and that having a support network can help. Whether your child is just diagnosed or has been living with Type 1 diabetes for some time, our Parent Peer Support Service is here for you.

We have a dedicated phone line for you to call and from that we can assign you a parent that best suits your situation. That parent will then contact you and you can talk about your child's diabetes and what support you might need.

Although trained, our parents are volunteers. They are not medically trained and they are not clinicians, therefore they cannot and will not give out any medical advice. They can however, help signpost you to further information and importantly, be that reassuring listening ear.

If you have anyquestions, queries or commentsthen please let us know.




Emma Millen and her son are now active members of Diabetes UK Northern Ireland Belfast Area Parent Support Group having first come into contact with the charity after being referred to the Parent Peer Support Service.


Emma Millen, said, “When my son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, it came as a massive shock and it was very easy to feel overwhelmed and under supported. I contacted Diabetes UK Northern Ireland who put me in touch with a Parent Peer Support Volunteer. I spoke with a trained parent who volunteers for the Parent Peer Support Service whose children had also been diagnosed with this condition.

It was instantly reassuring hearing how they had also experienced a lot of the same things and provided a good listening ear. 

Emma Millen, mother who used the Parent Peer Support Service

"As a result of my support from PPS, I have since gone on to support the Belfast Area Parents Support Group. I remember all too well starting out with my son’s Type 1 diabetes diagnosis and how much speaking to another parent helped. I hope that other parents will contact the Parent Peer Support Service and know that their questions, queries and concerns will be treated with respect and in confidence. As parents, we know what you are going through and are here to listen and support you through it too.”

How do I know if the Parent Peer Support Service is for me?

Our trained volunteers have come up with a list of the most common questions they are asked when they are contacted by other parents. The list below is just a sample of the kind of questions parents would like to talk about so if you have been asking these questions then please contact us and we can help you find the answers that are suitable to your situation.

1. Who do I speak to about getting help in primary school for my child to check his/her sugar levels and give injections?

2. What about school trips? Should I let my child attend? Can school refuse to take them?

3. Can I get any financial support or apply for benefits, particularly if I have to give up work to care for my child?

4. What information do I need to tell family members or a babysitter if they are looking after my child? Are there any leaflets I can give them to help them understand?

5. How do I know how much I need to order of insulin and needles? What should I do if the prescription isn't right?

6. What do I need to pack for holidays for my child?

7. What does secondary school need to know about my child's diabetes?

8. What should I do if my child refuses to check their blood sugar?

9. What is a safe age for my child to manage their own diabetes?

10. Does my child need a specific driving instructor or can any driving instructor teach my child to drive?

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