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NHS Shetland

Updated 16 June 2011

Who has diabetes?


Why are these figures important? 

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NHS Shetland provide healthcare to approximately 23,000 members of the public. Within this population 4.3% of individuals have diabetes. This is 0.3% below than the Scottish average and is the second lowest prevalence within the 14 Health Boards that cover Scotland. 958 individuals are recored as having diabete while it is estimated that a further 416 people have this condition but have yet to be diagnosed.   

The Better Diabetes Care survey, conducted by Diabetes UK Scotland in 2009, has demonstrated accessing NHS care for feet in Shetland to be notably better than the rest of Scotland. On the national level, 54.0% of those with diabetes do not receive professional input from this service, with 1 in 10 using private care as an alternative to NHS care. In relation to support for carers of either children with Type 1 diabetes or elderly relatives with Type 2 diabetes, NHS Shetland offers good support when compared to Scotland as a whole.

Issues within this Health Board include the access to diabetic retinopathy screening. This is an important service which acts to detect changes in the eye which arise as a complication of diabetes. This screening process has been noted to be slightly poorer in this region in regard to the national average with only 1 in 7 individuals with diabetes not receiving their annual eye check. In addition, it is evident that a smaller proportion of people in Shetland have been offered diabetes education.

In 2007, Diabetes UK Scotland and NHS Quality Improvement Scotland pulled together feedback from focus groups and surveys to report on what was the experience of care of people living with diabetes.  The review of the care experience of people living with diabetes within Shetland have described consultants and diabetic specialist nurses as both ‘realistic and approachable’ while offering regular updates on treatments and trends.

What people have said about diabetes care in Shetland

"Very happy with all my care. Nurses very good."

Tell the Scottish Government about your diabetes

The Scottish Government’s websiteBetter Togetheris also interested to hear of people’s experiences of diabetes care.  By submitting your experience of NHS care the government hope to improve health services across Scotland. You can follow this link or if you would like send us we’ll do it for you.

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