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Exeter researcher wins prestigious diabetes research award


An Exeter researcher has just been awarded £362,337 from us to understand if certain genes can protect people from developingType 2 diabetes.

Dr Hanieh Yaghootkar who works at the University of Exeter Medical School has been awarded our R D Lawrence Fellowship, set up in recognition of the life and work of the late Dr R D Lawrence, co-founder of Diabetes UK.

Dr Yaghootkar will study genes which influence the way we store fat in order to understand why some obese people are protected from developing Type 2 diabetes. She hopes that knowing why some people have this natural protection may help to develop better treatments and prevention strategies in the future.

It was as a medical student in her native Iran that Dr Yaghootkar realised that diagnosing and treating patients was not enough for her. She decided to become a researcher in genetics in a bid to determine the root cause of medical disorders.

She said: “I am extremely honoured to receive the RD Lawrence Fellowship. I hope that finding genes involved in reducing the risk of Type 2 will provide useful insights into how to treat or prevent the condition in the future.”

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