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Ramadan calendars to help Muslim people with diabetes

Diabetes UK has produced a Ramadan Calendar for 2010, giving advice and tips for people with diabetes about fasting during the Muslim holy month.

The Koran mandates fasting during the month of Ramadan from sunrise to sunset. The Diabetes UK 2010 Ramadan Calendar gives all the sunrise times, and also offers helpful advice for people with diabetes who are planning to fast for Ramadan, which this year begins around 11 August, subject to the moon.

People with diabetes are not compelled to fast

People with diabetes do not have to fast during Ramadan, and they are encouraged to speak to their Imam about their personal situation.

"Although people with diabetes are not compelled to fast many will choose to," said Jenne Dixit, Diabetes UK Equality and Diversity Manager. "The major problem during the fast is hypoglycaemia, so those who fast should include more slowly absorbed food (low GI) such as basmati rice, pitta bread, chapattis and dhal in their meal before they begin the fast. Choosing these types of foods will help keep their blood glucose levels more even during the course of the fast. Fruits, vegetables and salad should also be included."

Food choices

Ending the fast is also important. Jenne adds: "When they break the fast, people should only have small quantities of sugary and fatty foods such as Indian sweets, cakes, samosas and puris, as too many can cause weight gain. Additionally, when people break their fast they should drink plenty of sugar-free and decaffeinated drinks to avoid dehydration."

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