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Diabetes Week - for professionals

Diabetes Week 2017Sunday 11 June to Saturday 17 June

Know diabetes, fight diabetes

Diabetes Week is one of Diabetes UK’s biggest annual campaigns. Diabetes Week kicks off on 11 June, and this year the theme is: .  

While a lot of people have a good understanding of diabetes and how to manage it, many others aren’t getting the right help and support to look after their diabetes. 

Today, 65 people will die early from the condition and hundreds more will face life-changing complications that could have been avoided or delayed if they'd had the right knowledge and support to manage their diabetes. 

This year we are encouraging the diabetes community to share their experiences and knowledge. In the videos below, healthcare professionals share theirtop tipsfor improving diabetes care and also tell us what they'd like toset the record straight on. From early morning urine testing to pumps in primary care, find out about some of the biggest myths in diabetes care, and help us to set the record straight by showing them to your colleagues. 

Top tips for improving diabetes care

Setting the record straight

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