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Monthly update: sharing good practice

Examples of good practice in diabetes care and commissioning to help you drive improvement

December 2018

  • GReaT groups (Getting Ready for Transition): Supporting transition to secondary school for children and parents living with diabetes, University College London Hospital, Child and Adolescent Psychological Services

    The transition from primary to secondary school is regarded as one of the most difficult in pupils’ educational careers, with transitioning requiring adaptation to multiple emotional, social, organisational, cognitive and systemic changes. However, little is known about the impact for children with Type 1 Diabetes and their parents.

    The University College London Hospitals (UCLH) Paediatric Psychology Service and Diabetes team developed a brief, family-based intervention that explores diabetes concerns during this period and allows opportunities to share ideas and resources. The Getting Ready for Transition (GReaT) group aims to increase confidence and reduce the concerns of children and parents.

    Young people create a ‘School Bag of Life’, filled with their strengths, abilities and skills to manage the secondary school transition. Parents share their experiences and ideas, building a resourceful and supportive community.

    Read the full case study and download the resources on QiC.

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