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Information Prescription - diabetes and mood

Diabetes is a complex and challenging condition. Effective management is largely dependent on how people care for themselves. This requires personal motivation and changes in behaviour and routine.

The constant nature of diabetes can impact on people’s emotional and psychological wellbeing, particularly when efforts to self-manage do not succeed as anticipated or when the complications of diabetes take their toll on physical health.Read more about diabetes and emotional issues.

This presents a compelling case for person-centred care, treating the needs of the individual as a whole. Meaning that the psychological and emotional wellbeing of people with diabetes becomes an integral part of diabetes care delivery.

The aim of the Diabetes and Mood Information Prescription is to create a resource that gives people with diabetes the information they need to understand and improve their diabetes management and emotional wellbeing by setting goals and talking about how they feel. It also allows healthcare professionals to have this conversation in a more structured approach but still feel confident that they are giving patients the information they need. 

Our information prescriptions are designed to be used by a healthcare professional in consultation with a patient. Patients are also welcome to download and print our information prescriptions and take them to a consultations to talk through with their doctor our nurse.

Find out how we support people with diabetes and emotional issues.

Coming soon…

We are working with primary care IT systems to embed the Diabetes and Mood Information Prescription. The tool will then pop up for relevant patients, significantly increasing the speed and effectiveness of the intervention as key patient data is automatically populated and saved on the medical record to support continuity of care. It is currently live on Vision and will be live soon on Emis. Until it's live in all the primary care IT systems, you can:

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