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Diabetes courses for healthcare professionals

We have compiled a list of diabetes courses that are relevant to healthcare professionals working in diabetes care in any capacity.

Short courses at Diabetes UK

  • Diabetes in healthcare

    A free introductory diabetes education online tool for healthcare professional. Accredited by the Royal College of Nursing, it supports continuing professional development (CPD).
  • Hot Topics Diabetes for Primary Care - NB Medical Education

    A one day course providing essential knowledge and skills for all diabetes healthcare professionals in primary care to enable effective and efficient management of people with Type 2 diabetes. 
  • Diabetes care workshops

    The Diabetes Care workshops are designed for primary care professionals who want to refresh their basic knowledge of delivering diabetes care and for those who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in caring for people with Type 2 diabetes.
  • Cancer risk in patients with diabetes

    Online module highlighting the signs and symptoms of certain cancers that people with diabetes may be at risk of, to encourage early diagnosis via case based learning.
  • Primary Care Course: Getting the essentials right in delivering diabetes care

    This one day course is designed around our Information Prescriptions and aims to increase your knowledge, awareness and confidence in treating patients with diabetes. It's for healthcare professionals working in primary care.

Leadership programmes at Diabetes UK

  • Clinical Champions

    A two year leadership development programme that will provide you with the personal and professional development required to drive change across your local health system. The programme is open to all diabetes specialists who are keen to develop their leadership skills and are passionate about improving care across the whole diabetes pathway.
  • Tomorrow's Leaders

    This course is aimed at DSNs and dietitians who are willing to embrace the responsibility for delivering improvement in diabetes care. It will give participants the opportunity to learn who and how to influence, how to be an effective leader, to identify the barriers to quality care and how to overcome them, and how to work with a coach to develop your own action plan.

Postgraduate Diabetes Courses

Short courses

  • Effective Diabetes Education Now (EDEN)

    A comprehensive training package to up-skill healthcare professionals to provide high levels of diabetes care, and reduce hospital admissions and referrals to specialist care.
  • Understanding Insulin

    University of Southampton in collaboration with the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust adult diabetes team are offering a free online course - MOOC for healthcare professionals and patients. This course aims to improve knowledge on how insulin works and further promote its safe and effective use in the clinical setting.

  • Adult Inpatient Care - University of Leicester

    This module covers diabetic emergencies, presentation and management and broader aspects of managing in-patients with diabetes. It is particularly suitable for healthcare professionals with an interest in diabetes inpatient care such as specialist registrars, diabetes specialist nurses, consultant diabetologists, podiatrists, pharmacists and ward nurses.
    Download Adult Inpatient Care course leaflet (PDF, 248KB)

  • Diabetic Foot Module

    A 5 day course for Healthcare Professionals and Podiatrists who are HCPC registered and are working or wish to work in specialist multidisciplinary diabetic clinics or part of an extended team. The Diabetic Foot Module has existed for 32 years and is accepted as a leading course in the UK for Podiatrists specialising in Diabetes healthcare.For more details please contact Mr Christopher Hunt at the 

  • PITstop Diabetes

    This course is an advanced diabetes course for primary care healthcare professionals, accredited with the University of Greenwich at diploma level (15 credits) and also credit rated by the RCGP. 
  • University of Sunderland - Practice Development in Diabetes Mellitus

    This course provides health professionals with the latest approaches in the management of diabetes mellitus. The part-time course emphasises transferable skills with relation to your continuing professional development.
  • University of York - Advancing Technologies in Diabetes Care

    This two day workshop is aimed at diabetes specialist nurses from child and adult diabetes services, specialist diabetes dietitians and medical staff in diabetes care.
  • Year of care

    A range of support and training options to enable new communities to introduce and sustain the key elements of the Year of Care house. 
  • Successful Diabetes

    Successful Diabetes offer a range of workshops to enhance the skills and confidence in implementing and providing diabetes self-management education for children, young people or adults.


  • Six Steps to Insulin Safety

    This module educates how to reduce insulin errors in clinical practice. PCDS (Primary Care Diabetes Society) have come together with TREND-UK (Training Research and Education for Nurses in Diabetes) to provide this education in an endorsed insulin safety module.

  • Education for Health

    Courses range from workshops for nurses new to primary care or to diabetes, through Level 5 and 6 accredited modules, all focused on boosting diabetes knowledge.
  • The College of Contemporary Health

    A range of online courses covering various aspects of obesity management. Qualifications range from MSc to CPD.
  • Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP)

    Endorsed by Diabetes UK and the British Dietetics Association and the Cambridge Unversity Health Partnership, CDEP is a competency-based online diabetes learning tool that supports all levels of healthcare practitioners demonstrate their diabetes knowledge and skills.

Paediatric courses

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