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Highlands and Islands Diabetes Education (HIDE) course

Course details

Contact name

Gill Teft


Lews Castle CollegeStornawayIsle of LewisHS2 0XR

Email:gillteft@aol.comTelephone: 07764 761819


The HIDE course is a flexible interactive supported online course, accredited by University of Highlands and Islands Millenium Institute, developed for Healthcare Professionals who wish to develop knowledge, confidence and capability in Diabetes Management, through the use of case studies, interactive online tutorials, completion of a portfolio and materials that are up to date and relevant to current practice.

Venue dates

The course is 100 per cent online with a portfolio to be completed with the support of a mentor the student will identify from their local area. The course runs twice yearly starting in September and January.

Length structure

The course is over 15 weeks in line with University semesters.

Cost to student

Currently costs are £480. Please note fees may change.

Type of study

Interactive online material with online tutorials and a portfolio with activities and learning outcomes to be completed in the student's own area.

Entry criteria

Any healthcare professional with an interest or working in Diabetes.

Available per course

40 places.

Achievement assessed

A 4,000 word essay at end of the module, and completion of the portfolio goals; 50% weighting is given to each.

Teaching methods

Self-directed learning, weekly online activities, bi-weekly online tutorials, portfolio learning includes visits to, for example, laser eye clinic.

Criteria responses

  • Our course/ event is open to multidisciplinary participants (even if only one discipline attends) or there is a justification for it only being open to members of certain disciplines. 
  • Our course/ event has been planned/developed with the input of independent advice from people with diabetes (e.g not using one of the team who also has diabetes but seeking an outside view). 
  • Our course/ event has a structured written curriculum or programme. 
  • Our course/ event has specific, documented learning outcomes which are linked / or will be linked to the Skills For Health competencies as they develop. 
  • Our course/ event is delivered by people who are (or are supported by people who are) qualified in or have proven experience in up to date principles of adult learning and teaching. 
  • Our course/ event is evidence based both educationally and clinically. 
  • Our course/ event is systematically evaluated to ensure that it delivers what it promises to its audience. 
  • Our course/ event has a robust internal quality assurance programme. 
  • Our course/ event has been accredited or educationally reviewed by an external body, either as a stand alone course or event or part of a larger, modular course. 

Additional comments

The course forms one module of a BA in Health Studies which is run by the University of the Highlands and Islands at SCQF level 10 (Hons level). The module gives 20 SCOTCAT points for CPD requirements. The module has been mapped to the TREND competencies; covers over 40 skills for health competencies and supports a number of KSF outlines in core dimensions.

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