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Our research projects

Diabetes UK is proud to share with you the diverse and exciting array of projects that we're currently supporting across the country.

Each of these projects is only possible thanks to the generous support of our members, donors and Diabetes UK groups.


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You can use the box below to search for projects by the type of research involved or the region or research centre where they are taking place.

We invite you to read about the studies that interest you and to consider supporting them through our Adopt a Project scheme. Each project page includes details on whether a project is available to adopt and how long it has left to run. A showcase of all our research projects is also available to download.

New NHS teams for Type 1 vaccine trials

Wales - Cardiff
Project is fully funded
Project Summary

Professor Colin Dayan and his team will work to set up, train and maintain a network of 15 Type 1 vaccine research teams across the UK, who will help recruit for and r

Gene therapy to target T cells in Type 1

Cardiff, Wales
Project has less than a year to run
Project Summary

In Type 1 diabetes, T cells of the immune system destroy insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.

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