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Research Area

The inner workings of blood vessels

England – London
Project not available for adoption
Type 1
Type 1 and Type 2
Type 2
Project Summary

Cells that line the inside of blood vessels can become damaged in people with diabetes. Dr Aranzazu Chamorro Jorganes is zooming in on the careful balance of molecules inside those cells, to find out how diabetes throws the balance off. Understanding more about blood vessel damage on a molecular level could uncover new ways to restore blood vessels back to full health in people with diabetes.

Harnessing genetic information to understand Type 1 diabetes and its complications

Scotland - Edinburgh
Project available for adoption
Type 1
Project Summary

Professor Helen Colhoun and her team will look for specific genes involved in Type 1 diabetes and its complications, to provide insight into the complex pathways involved. This will help to develop new therapies for Type 1 diabetes that aim to target those pathways. 

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