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How do hypos affect our lives?

October 2020
November 2021
Multiple sites across the UK
King's College London
Hypo-METRICS: Hypoglycaemia – Measurement, ThResholds and ImpaCts

Researchers at King’s College London and across the UK would like to recruit people aged 18-85 with type 1 diabetes, or with type 2 diabetes who treat their condition with insulin, and who have had at least one hypo in the last month to take part in their study. The researchers want to find out how long blood sugar levels needs to be below a certain level before people are likely to recognise a hypo. They will also work out how hypos affect different aspects of life including sleep, mood, and work, and whether being able to recognise hypos makes any difference to this.

Volunteers will be asked to wear a flash glucose monitor and a Fitbit over 10 weeks (although they won't be able to use it to see their blood sugar readings) and visit the research clinic three times over a one-year period to give blood samples, along with answering questionnaires about their experiences of hypos. 

The research team will reimburse all reasonable travel expenses for attendance at research appointments. At the end of the 10 weeks, participants will receive a shopping voucher (up to £100 for completing 10 weeks of the study) as a thank you and may keep the Fitbit if they wish to do so.

To find out more information and register your interest to take part please contact: Dr Patrick Divilly on or 07398356909. 

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