Corporate partners

Diabetes UK is leading the way in developing innovative partnerships with the business community including brands as diverse as Bupa, Tesco, Specsavers and Truvia.

We believe our success is down to the fact that we always take the time to get to know our partners and prospective supporters and ensure that partnerships are tailored to meet their corporate objectives. This approach guarantees mutually beneficial outcomes, more satisfied supporters and longer-term, sustainable corporate partnerships.

Our corporate partners are proud to be associated with Diabetes UK, excited by the impact they can have on a condition that affects over 3 million people in the UK and impressed by the opportunities, positive recognition and goodwill that their support generates.

We would be delighted to explore ways of working with your company. For further information, please contact

Ways to work with us

Payroll giving for employers

Payroll giving is one of the easiest and most effective ways to raise money for Diabetes UK.

The scheme allows employees to make a regular donation to their chosen charity/charities straight from their gross salary. 

This means they receive immediate tax relief on their donation and at a standard tax rate of 20 per cent will only pay £8 for a £10 donation or £6 at the higher 40 per cent tax rate and only £5 at the highest 50 per cent tax rate.


There are plenty of sponsorship opportunities available on all aspects of the work we do at Diabetes UK. Sponsors benefit hugely from the association with a long-established and trusted brand as well as very positive exposure to specialist audiences such as people with diabetes and healthcare professionals.

Charity of the Year

Diabetes UK has a wealth of experience managing Charity of the Year partnerships.

We have plenty of ideas for how to make partnerships successful and memorable and whether on large or small scale events, we are dedicated to engaging staff and stakeholders whilst in turn improving the lives of people with diabetes.

Cause-related marketing

Cause-related marketing is the simplest way to demonstrate your commitment to the biggest health challenge that your customers and their families face today.

Increasingly, companies are taking the responsibility to help their customers make informed lifestyle choices which will have a positive impact upon their lives.

By featuring Diabetes UK's logo on a product, a clear message is sent to the consumer that the purchase of the product will be of direct benefit to one of the UK's leading health charities.

Staff fundraising

Staff fundraising is an excellent way to bring colleagues together, encourage teamworking and increase motivation. Diabetes UK can work with you to develop a range of creative fundraising opportunities that not only encourage staff participation but also raise vital funds for people with diabetes at the same time.

Consultancy and logo association

Diabetes UK’s formalised consultancy service utilises the specialist knowledge and skills of its Care Advisors; expert healthcare professionals who ensure that the quality and consistency of Diabetes UK’s health messages are maintained. Diabetes UK’s Care Advisors are trusted authority figures whose expert opinions are frequently called upon by the national media.

Diabetes UK’s consultancy service helps companies produce first class information on a range of subjects and has been used to develop campaign materials, educational materials and care pathways for a number of leading brands. Our partner companies use the consultancy service to validate their messages and with an investment in logo association, are able to add credibility to their brand by associating themselves with the leading UK authority on diabetes.