Balancing your diet when you are diagnosed with diabetes can be challenging. Although the food choices you make and your eating habits are important in helping you manage your diabetes, you should be able to continue enjoying a wide variety of foods as part of healthy eating.

The more than 250 calorie-counted recipes in our database have all been adapted, tasted and nutritionally analysed for Diabetes UK.

Cooking with diabetes

There's no need to throw away your favourite cookbooks because you have diabetes. You can modify your recipes by reducing the amount of fat, salt and sugar, and increasing fibre. High-sugar and high-fat foods do not need to be excluded from your diet altogether if you have diabetes.

The myth that people with diabetes should not eat any sugar still persists. However, people with diabetes can eat sugar, but this should be limited as part of a healthy diet. Good blood glucose control can still be achieved when sugar and sugar-containing foods are eaten.

Dietary management of diabetes depends more on eating regularly and including starchy carbohydrate foods like pasta at meals, and including more fruit, vegetables and pulses in your diet. The main thing to consider is the overall balance of your diet – with the emphasis on long-term health and weight control.

Recipe of the month

Sausage and bean casserole

This delicious winter warmer dish is extremely easy to make for when you have little time to cook.

Vegetarian recipes

Seasonal stuffed aubergines

Bursting with flavour and colour, this dish tastes as good as it looks. Serve with Parmesan shavings.

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  1. Afternoon teacakes

    Recipe 259 Calories per serving

    These recipes have been made using Truvia calorie-free sweetener...

    • Gluten free
  2. All-in-one chicken stew

    Recipe 271 Calories per serving

    A delicious protein-rich dish packed with winter flavours...

    • freezable
    • Dairy free
  3. Apple cinnamon cake

    Recipe 182 Calories per serving

    A tasty treat, made with Splenda sweetener...

    • Gluten free
  4. Apricot crunch

    Recipe 115 Calories per serving

    Juicy apricots with a light crunchy topping, a quick dessert using store cupboard ingredients...

    • Gluten free
  5. Asian salmon fillets

    Recipe Calories per serving

    A light flavoursome dish garnished with coriander and spring onions...

  6. Asian salmon with noodle broth

    Recipe 268 Calories per serving

    This flavoursome broth is packed full of nutrients giving you an alternative way of cooking your favourite salmon...

    • Dairy free