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Variations in essential diabetes care increases risk to tens of thousands of people developing complications

State of the Nation, a new report from Diabetes UK Scotland, highlights variations in essential diabetes care across Scotland that threatens to increase the risk to tens of thousands of people developing complications such as retinopathy, kidney disease or amputation.

Based on findings from the Scottish Diabetes Survey and Diabetes UK’s own internal research, State of the Nation Scotland highlights that:

• Across all Health Boards, people who have Type 1 diabetes receive fewer checks than people who have Type 2 diabetes,
• Since 2006, there has been a 25.6% increase in the numbers of people diagnosed with diabetes,
• Over the same time, there has been a 49% increase in the numbers of people with renal failure; 56.6% increase in numbers with an amputation and a 79.9% increase in the numbers of people who have retinopathy,
• The number of people diagnosed with diabetes has more than doubled since the National Clinical Priorities were set in 1995,
• For the first time in Scotland, there are more people diagnosed every year and living with diabetes than coronary heart disease,
• Over 1,900 children and young people were admitted with Diabetic Ketoacidosis, a critical life threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Diabetes UK Scotland is asking the Scottish Government to agree a new set of top level commitments to meet the challenge of delivering excellent diabetes care to everyone diagnosed and enhance delivery of the current Diabetes Action Plan.

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