Pharmacy campaign

Welsh pharmacies offered Type 2 diabetes assessments

Diabetes UK Cymru organised a campaign which saw every pharmacy in Wales offer free Type 2 diabetes risk assessments for a fortnight.

Starting during Diabetes Week on Monday 13 June, more than 700 pharmacies offered the quick and simple Diabetes Risk Score test and the campaign was launched by Welsh Health Minister Lesley Griffiths.

More than 17,500 people visited their local pharmacy for the assessment with 1,478 - 8.4 per cent - being referred to their GP for a diabetes test after being found to be at high risk of developing the condition.

Diabetes UK Cymru organised the campaign with Community Pharmacy Wales and it was one of up to six public health campaigns Welsh pharmacists are contractually required to deliver in 2011 by the seven Health Boards.

The campaign was supported by BMA Cymru, Public Health Wales and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

The assessments identified those at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in the next 10 years and those most at risk were referred to their GP for a diabetes test.

People at risk because of their weight or waist size were also  advised how they could reduce their risk by leading a healthier lifestyle.

Campaign success

Dai Williams, National Director of Diabetes UK Cymru, said: “We would like to thank Community Pharmacy Wales, the Health Boards, pharmacists and pharmacy staff, and everyone else involved in organising and delivering this campaign for their hard work.

“The campaign identified people at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and, crucially, also informed people about how they can reduce their risk by eating a healthy, balanced diet and leading an active lifestyle.”
Russell Goodway, Chief Executive of Community Pharmacy Wales, said: “This joint campaign was a classic illustration of the key role that the 708 high street pharmacies in Wales can play in public health.”

You can also take Diabetes UK's Diabetes Risk Score test online.