Project grants

Description of a project grant

The project grant provides support for high-quality, diabetes-related research. Applications should normally be for hypothesis-driven projects.

Financial support

Support may be requested for up to five years. There is no limit to research expenses that may be requested; however, all requests must be fully justified.

Applicants applying for £500,000 or more must contact the Diabetes UK Research department in the first instance and should normally hold substantial funding from Diabetes UK or another funding body.


Applicants applying for £15,000 or less should consider applying for a Small grant.



Salaries may be requested for research (both postgraduate and postdoctoral) and technical assistants.

Research assistants may wish to register for higher degrees during the lifetime of the grant but it should be noted that in these instances Diabetes UK will not pay university and/or college fees.

PhD students should not be included as a member of staff on a project grant on application. Applicants wishing to hold a PhD Studentship should apply through the Diabetes UK PhD Studentship scheme.

Clinical and secretarial assistance may be provided in some cases if essential for the project but must be fully justified within the application.


Applicants must have a tenured post or be able to demonstrate that they will have a salary and position at the institution they are applying from for the lifetime of the grant.


The next deadlines for this scheme are:

  • 1 June 2015 (Committee meets in October 2015).
  • 1 December 2015 (Committee meets in May 2016)

How to apply

Administrative processes

Peer review

All applications will be sent out for peer review to researchers who have not published or worked in the same institution as any of the applicants for at least five years. Please consider this when suggesting reviewers for your application.

The Research Committee

Applications are sent to the Research Committee, who recommend which applications should be funded.

Information for people living with diabetes, and GAP

Prior to the Research Committee meeting, the Diabetes UK Grants Advisory Panel (GAP) meets to discuss all project grant applications and provide feedback to the Research Committee through the three members of the Research Committee who are also members of GAP.

Applicants should take this into consideration, especially when they are completing the summary for people living with diabetes. More detail on the Research Committee and GAP can be found in Our funding process.

Assessment criteria

Applications are assessed on the following criteria:

  • Potential difference the research will make to the lives of people with diabetes.
  • Scientific excellence.
  • Track record of the applicants.
  • Value for money.