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Swim22 Help/FAQs

Here’s the answers to a few questions we get asked quite a lot.

Don’t forget to email us at if we can’t answer your question here, alternatively give us a ring on 0345 123 2399.

I'm interested in registering for Swim22:

Which swimming pools can I use?

Any – you can take part wherever you are!

Swim22 can be swum in any swimming pool, river, lake, sea, canal, pond, puddle. Just keep track of how many metres or lengths you are swimming to see your total go up.

Can I swim a further or shorter distance?

Set yourself a target that suits you. If you don’t think you can swim 22 miles, you can take on a half challenge of 11 miles, or push yourself further by doubling the distance to 44.

I’m swimming as part of a team, do we swim 22 miles each or split the distance between us?

It’s completely up to you. You could chose to complete a mile each, or two miles each or even have each team member complete all 22 miles.

Taking on the Swim22 Challenge:

How many lengths is 22 miles?

The number of lengths you'll do depends on the length of pool you swim in:

  • 20m pool - 1,770 lengths 
  • 25m pool - 1,416 lengths
  • 30m pool - 1,180 lengths
  • 33m pool - 1,073 lengths
  • 50m pool - 708 lengths 

Be sure to have a look at our Training Plan (PDF), to help guide you on your journey to becoming a Channel Champion.

Can I get discounted access to swimming pools for taking part in Swim22?

Swimming can be expensive, but there are some great offers available. We recommend speaking to the management at your local pool or gym, explaining Swim22, to ensure they can offer you the best rate possible. If there aren’t any offers, then choosing swim-only memberships or swimming at off-peak times are often the cheapest ways to enjoy swimming.

If you would like a letter from Diabetes UK confirming your participation in Swim22, then please email and we will be happy to provide one for you.

What is the Swim22 swim cap made from?

Caps are made from an eco-friendly silicone, and does not contain any latex.

I might not finish in time, what do I do?

Keep swimming! If you don’t quite finish Swim22, don't worry. We won’t come round to your house and demand you finish immediately. You can continue to swim and track your lengths up until 22 June.

Your Swim22 tracker page:

Who do I contact if I have trouble with the Swim22 tracker site?

Please let us know if you have any difficulties using your Swim22 tracker page. We should be able to sort any problems out for you. Just email or call 0345 123 2399.

I’ve forgotten my log-in details, what should I do?

Your username is the email you used when you signed up to Swim22. To retrieve a forgotten password, just click ‘Forgotten your Password’ on the log in page and it will be emailed over.

I’ve only been sent one Swim22 tracker page for all of the children who I registered

Unfortunately we can only send out access to one Swim22 tracker page per email address. If the children who you registered on behalf of would each like to have their own page, please register with us again, using a different email address. 

Adding a team JustGiving page to the Swim22 tracker

If you are fundraising together as a team we would recommend either of the below:

  • If your team members are sharing the one team JustGiving page, one of your team members can connect this page to the Swim22 tracker page
  • Or you can ask everyone in your team to create an individual JustGiving page and link it to their Swim22 tracker page

Why is my Swim22 tracker page still showing 22 miles? I signed up for the 11/44 miles.

Our Swim22 tracker is designed for the 22 mile challenge, and the target on your page will show as 22 miles whatever distance you are taking on. You can still track your lengths if swimming 11 or 44 miles, and you will clock up the milestone badges along the way.

If you are taking on 11 or 44 miles, you can use the story section on your tracker page to let your sponsors know you are swimming towards a different target.

Also, if you are in a team each tracker page will show 22 miles.

Your fundraising & incentives:

How do I set up a JustGiving page?

You can set up a JustGiving page for your Swim22 Challenge on the JustGiving website. Include your story to let friends, family and colleagues know why you are swimming for Diabetes UK. You can add a photo to your page and post updates as you take on the challenge,

I don't want to use JustGiving, how do I fundraise?

We would strongly recommend using JustGiving to fundraise. It’s quick and easy to set up and saves you a lot of hassle chasing people for money. However, you can still use a sponsorship form - download a Sponsorship form (there was also one in your swimmers pack). You then just need to collect in all the money and send it to us.

Where can I download additional sponsor forms?

Our Swim22 webpage has everything you need to take part in Swim22, and raise lots of money using your sponsor forms.

How do I pay in my sponsorship money?

If you have used a JustGiving page you don’t need to do anything, the money comes straight into our bank account.

If you have used sponsorship forms and have cash, the easiest way to get it to us is pop it in your bank account and add it onto your JustGiving page or send in a cheque. Make sure to send in your sponsorship form as well so we can claim Giftaid.

Make the cheque payable to Diabetes UK and send to:

Diabetes UK 
Wells Lawrence House, 
126 Back Church Lane, 
E1 1FH  

What are the terms and conditions for entry and prizes?

For full terms and conditions of entry and prize information, go to the Swim22 terms and conditions page.

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