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15 Healthcare Essentials (735KB PDF)

About Diabetes UK (1Mb PDF)
About Diabetes UK

Are you at risk of diabetes? (266kb PDF)
At risk

Cardiovascular disease and diabetes (243kb PDF)

Fasting and diabetes (246kb PDF)
Fasting and diabetes

Healthy eating with diabetes (353kb PDF)
Healthy eating

Hypoglycaemia (1Mb PDF)

Kidney disease and diabetes (1Mb PDF)
Kidney disease and diabetes

Managing your diabetes (259kb PDF)
Managing your diabetes

Myths about diabetes (249kb PDF)
Myths about diabetesK

Neuropathy and diabetes (2Mb PDF)
Neuropathy and diabetes

Physical activity and diabetes (260kb PDF)
Physical activity and diabetes

Pregnancy and diabetes (1Mb PDF)
Pregnancy and diabetes

Pregnancy and diabetes (1Mb PDF)
Pregnancy and diabetes

Diabetes care and you – audio information

The information below is an audio translation of our leaflet Diabetes care and you. The English version of the leaflet can be ordered for free from our Online shop.

To play one of the files, simply click on the Play button () that appears to the left of the title. The media player should pop up and begin playing automatically.

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Contents (MP3, 1.2MB)

1. Introduction (MP3, 1.4MB)

2. What is diabetes? (MP3, 2.1MB)

3. Diabetes care across the UK (MP3, 2MB)

4. What you should expect from the NHS (MP3, 2.5MB)

5. Working together with your diabetes healthcare team (MP3, 2.4MB)

6. What care you should exepct from your healthcare team (MP3, 6.3MB)

7. Your role in self-managing your diabetes (MP3, 3.5MB)

8. What to do if you have a complaint (MP3, 4.2MB)

9. How to get involved in diabetes care and services (MP3, 1MB)

10. Your diabetes care review checklist (MP3, 5.6MB)

11. Glossary (MP3, 3.9MB)

12. Diabetes care for the blind and visually impaired (MP3, 5.4MB)

13. Further information (MP3, 2.1MB)

14. About Diabetes UK (MP3, 4.2MB)


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