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Diabetes Week

Diabetes Week 2015

Diabetes Week is a highlight in the Diabetes UK calendar. It’s a time when we bring our supporters together to raise awareness of the condition, and vital funds for our work. Diabetes Week 2015 will take place from Sunday 14 to Saturday 20 June.

This Diabetes Week we will unite our supporters behind the theme Diabetes and Me by asking those affected by the condition to share their anecdotes and observations of life with diabetes, in particular, how you learn about and understand your condition.

There are two main types of diabetes, but many types of people – and everyone manages their condition differently. That’s why this Diabetes Week we’ll be asking you to share your hints and tips.

We’ll be joining in the conversation too – Diabetes UK has a number of services to help you work out how best to manage your condition, whether you’ve been recently diagnosed or you’re an old hand at managing your diabetes.

Join us this Diabetes Week to find out what you need to know, and what you might be missing out on.

How to get involved

There are plenty of ways you can support Diabetes Week 2015.

1. Raise awareness

Help others learn about their condition by raising awareness of Diabetes Week. Order a supporter pack, full of posters and flyers for you to put up in your local community, at our Online Shop.

2. Join in

Don’t just encourage others to learn about the condition – join in. In the lead up to Diabetes Week think about the information you wish someone had shared with you to help you manage your diabetes.

Then during Diabetes Week join in the conversation by sharing your hints and tips. You could:

  • Post on our Facebook page
  • Tweet a comment or picture
  • Post a short video or photo on Instagram
  • Create a Pinterest board 
  • Write a blog post 
  • Add to our forum
  • Send us your story online

Don’t forget to use our hashtag #diabetesandme.

3. Raise funds

We will be kicking off Diabetes Week 2015 with the Big Collection. We will be collecting in 300 Tesco stores across the UK on the weekend of 13 and 14 June and need volunteers to help us collect. For more information and to sign up contact bigcollection@diabetes.org.uk

4. For healthcare professionals

Is there something new your patients could learn about their condition? Support Diabetes Week 2015 by promoting the importance of learning about and understanding diabetes. And don’t forget to order a supporter pack, full of posters and flyers for you to put up in your workplace, at our Online Shop.

If you have an enquiry please contact us at diabetesweek@diabetes.org.uk.

Here's what happened in Diabetes Week 2014 

This year the theme for Diabetes Week was i Can. We listened to all of your stories about living with diabetes. We know that diabetes can sometimes feel like an uphill battle – so this year we wanted to hear about all the things that you CAN do, and the challenges you’ve overcome along the way.

When things have got tough, what have been the things you can do to get through it? What will you never let diabetes stop you from doing? Or if you support someone with diabetes, how do you help them along the way?

Catch up on the Diabetes Week 2014 story

For Diabetes Week, we were watching your stories, pictures, videos and more. You can watch the conversation unfold here:

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