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Active Fat campaign

Did you know belly fat can lead to Type 2 diabetes?

If you’re carrying extra weight around your middle, you’re putting yourself at risk of Type 2 diabetes. That’s because the fat cells don’t just hang around – in fact they’re busy all the time, doing lots of evil things that can cause Type 2 diabetes. That’s why we call it 'Active Fat'.

Watch the video to see exactly what those cells in your spare tyre are up to, and then get active yourself to fight them, by taking our diabetes risk assessment.




Active Fat can also cause cancer…

Follow Active Fat to Cancer Research UK’s website and see him split your cells.




…and heart disease

Witness the damage Active Fat does to your arteries on the British Heart Foundation’s website.




Fight Active Fat now

Find out if you’re at risk of diabetes…

A larger waistline (which means more Active Fat) increases your risk of getting Type 2 diabetes – but there are other factors too. You can find out your risk level in just a few moments.


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