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Professional Conference Award Winners 2017

Diabetes UK Education and Self-management Award

P250- The 'perioperative' passport' : empowering patients with diabetes along their surgical journey 

E PageF Akiboye, S Jackson, C Kerry, Y Hunt, R Round, L Hughes and G Rayman (Ipswich/Bristol)

Runners up: Has the carbohydrate counting course resulted in a reducation in HbA1c in people with Type 1 diabetes who attended all sessions (JA Brake - Liverpool)

Young Diabetologist and Endocrinologist Travel Award

P415- One year efficacy, safety and tolerability outcomes of endoscopic proximal intestinal exclusion therpahy using the Endobarrier device: institution of the UK’s first National Health Service Endobarrier service for Type 2 diabetes and obesity

P Sen GuptaM Yadagiri, SP Irwin, W Burbridge, H Gandhi, RA Allden, JP Bleasdale, EN Fogden, MR Anderson and REJ Ryder (Birmingham)

Runners up: Liver fat content is the greatest abnormality in early Type 2 diabetes: baseline metabolic and imaging data from the Diabetes Remission Controlled Trial (DiRECT) (SV Zhyzhneuskaya, A Al-Mrabeh, C Peters, KG Hollingsworth, H Pilkington, M Lean and R Taylor – Newcastle upon Tyne/Glasgow)

Diabetes UK Psychological Care Poster Award

P444- The effect of working memory training on food intake and diabetes control in people with Type 2 diabetes: a double blind randomised controlled trial

V Whitelock, A Nouwen, K Houben, O van der Akker, M Rosenthal and S Higgs (London/ Masstricht, the Netherlands/Birmingham)

Runners up: A qualitative study to explore the views of people living with lipodystrophy and its implications on body image (CL Adams,  A Stears, R Semple, S O’Rahilly, D Savage and C Deaton - Cambridge)

Diabetes UK Type 2 Diabetes Research Award

P84- The gender gap in diabetes: does this extend across race?

LD Ferguson, UE Ntuk, DF Mackay, J Gill, JP Pell and N Sattar (Glasgow)

Runners up: Development of an online risk calculator, to predict durability of good glycaemic control with sulfonylurea and thiazolidinedione therapy: a MASTERMIND stratified medicine study (JM Dennis, WE Henley, M Weedon, M Lonergan, AG Jones, N Sattar, RR Holman, ER Pearson, AT Hattersley, BM Shields and LR Rodgers - Exeter/Dundee/Oxford/Glasgow)

Diabetes UK Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professional Diabetes Research Poster Award

P430- Pre-pregnancy care for women with Type 2 diabetes: great expectations or hard times?

R Forde, J Collin, E Patelarou and A Forbes (London)

Runners up: Thalamic glutamate/glutamine in painful diabetic neuropathy: variation with Vitamin D (ID Wilkinson, P Shillo, D Selvarajah and S Tesfaye - Sheffield)

Lilly Diabetes Basic Science Poster Award

P67- Inorganic nitrate mimics exercise stimulated muscular fibre-type switching and myokine and gamma-aminobutyric acid release

LD Roberts, T Ashmore, B McNally, SA Murfitt, BO Fernandez, M Feelisch, M Siervo, EA Williams, AJ Murray and JL Griffin (Leeds/Cambridge/Southampton/Newcastle upon Tyne/Sheffield)

Runners up: Anti-insulin receptor antibodies activate mutant insulin receptors, to propagate downstream signalling and promote glucose uptake (GV Brierley, DL Newby, K Siddle and RK Semple - Cambridge)

Lilly Diabetes Clinical Science Poster Award

P103- Nationwide trends in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in patients with and without diabetes between 2004 and 2014 in England

JE Carruthers, A Bottle, AA Laverty, SA Khan, C Millett and EP Vamos (London)

Runners up: Stability of proinsulin in whole blood at room temperature over a 72-hour period (DJ Bright, GJ Dunseath, R Peter and SD Luzio-  Swansea/Neath Port Talbot)

Diabetes UK Primary Care Poster Award

P468- Improvement in the monitoring of HbA1c levels in residents with diabetes in long term care settings and associated reduction of severe hypoglycaemia requiring an ambulance, following the introduction of a standardised education programme for all staff working in residential and nursing home settings

AJ Cooper, EG Khan, A Krishnan, JM Clark and T Hooper (Isle of Man)

Runners up: Who cares for Type 1 diabetes? An audit of where care is delivered for patients with Type 1 diabetes in Cardiff & Vale Health Board (CVHB) (AS Sharma and CD Dayan - Cardiff)

Nick Hales Young Investigator Award

The role of microRNA-7 in pancreatic beta cell dedifferentiation in diabetes

TCS Mak, Y von Ohlen and M Latreille (London)

Runners up: Risk of cardiac arrhythmias and electrophysiological responses, during spontaneous hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia in young people with Type 1 diabetes (P Novodvorsky, A Bernjak, E Chow, A Iqbal, L Sellors, S Williams, RA Fawdry, RMJ Jacques, PJ Sheridan and S Heller – Sheffield)

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