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Campaign Successes

With your help we have taken some major steps forward to create a world where diabetes can do no harm. By tweeting, signing an e-petition, writing a letter, or meeting with your local MP, you've helped us to accomplish great things to improve diabetes care and prevent Type 2 diabetes. 

  • Diabetes education now national priority

    Every local area will have to report and be ranked on attendance rates at diabetes education courses since the launch of our Taking Control campaign. Diabetes education is now a national priority for the NHS meaning more people will be able to know their diabetes. 

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  • Money to improve diabetes care

    Our fight to improve diabetes care has had a major success. In 2016 the NHS announced a £40 million fund to improve diabetes care in four key areas we campaign on: education, inpatient care, treatment targets and foot care. 

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  • Driving & diabetes

    We successfully convinced the DVLA and EU to change the law in 2018 so that people who have hypos at night will not lose their driving licence. An important step forward in the fight to make sure people with diabetes are treated fairly. 

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  • Dan! Stop the fines

    Our campaign in 2015 convinced the Government to stop fining people with diabetes for getting prescriptions without a medical exemption certificate. This helped thousands of people with diabetes. 

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  • Make the grade changes the law

    In 2014 the Government announced that schools have a legal obligation to look after children with diabetes. The change in law came about as the Make the Grade campaign brought together the voices of parents, Diabetes Voices and Diabetes UK supporters. 

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  • Major amputations reduced

    There has been a 10 per cent reduction in major diabetes-related amputations since the launch of the campaign. Additionally, the number of foot care teams and number of people receiving regular foot checks has risen. 

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  • Taking Control Campaign Pledge

    Croydon and Bucks have become the Taking Control campaign's first pledge site. Local health bosses have taken the pledge to improve the number of people who attend diabetes education courses. 

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  • Ending kidney check charges

    Local campaigner Roger Martin joined Diabetes UK's call to end kidney check charges for people with diabetes. He's been successful in his local area - fantastic news Roger. 

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