Until Monday 22 May 2017


Any questions? Email swim22@diabetes.org.uk or call 0345 123 2399.

Thank you and congratulations to all our swimmers

Swim22 has now finished for this year and we wanted to thank you for all of the hard work you have put into your swimming and fundraising.

Your swimming and fundraising means this year’s Swim22 has smashed all previous records and has already raised over £280,000. This is an extraordinary amount and will do extraordinary things for people with diabetes.

Thank you for going to great lengths for Diabetes UK. We will be sending out thank you letters, certificates and Swim22 towels during July.

Take part in our Swim22 challenge 2018

Registration will open in September - details will be on this page.


What is Swim22?

Between now and the 22 May swim the equivalent of the English Channel in your local pool while getting sponsored for every length. You'll cover an incredible 22 miles at your own pace and in your own time.

You can take on the swimming challenge alone or, better still, get your family, friends and colleagues involved. You can even split the 22 miles between a team to make it easier for everyone.

How we'll support you?

Before you get your goggles on, you’ll receive your Swim22 pack through the post. This will include swimming tips, how to get your fundraising started and, of course, one of our new Swim22 swimming hats. 

You will also get your very own Swim22 page on our Swim22 Tracker website, where you can log your swims and keep a running total, collect virtual badges (because who doesn't love a swimming badge?) keep track of your fundraising and share your progress with everyone on Facebook and Twitter.

Why take part?

You’ll improve your health and help us to reach a future where diabetes can do no harm.

At the moment it does too much. Each week thousands of people in the UK suffer heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, amputation and blindness because of their diabetes. But when people manage their diabetes well they can avoid these life-threatening complications and stay healthy.

We provide information, care and support for everyone with diabetes – and for their family and friends – so they can manage their condition well. Our campaigns improve life for people with diabetes while our research develops new treatments, technologies and will, one day, find a cure.

But we need your help to do it. That’s where you and your fundraising come in. It’s time to go to great lengths for people with diabetes.