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Volunteers' Week 2017

A huge thank you to all our amazing volunteers that go above and beyond in helping us support those affected by diabetes. 

To show our appreciation, our staff have pulled together a thank you video to celebrate all your achievements and showcase some of your fantastic work. 

We would like to thank everyone that joined us for the celebrations. We hope you had a fantastic Volunteers' Week 2017 and we look forward to marking the occasion next year. 



How you can volunteer with us

Feeling inspired to volunteer? 

How you make the difference 

In 2016 each of our 7,000 volunteers contributed over a staggering 17,000 hours of volunteering, supporting us at events such as the London Marathon and the Big Collection to name but a few.

Thanks to you we now have over 380 local groups across the country providing much needed support to those affected by the condition.

Over 1,500 of you are involved with our Diabetes Voices programme to campaign locally and nationally for better diabetes care.

And many of you got involved in our Clinical Studies Groups designed to support our Research Strategy and helped us identify priority areas needed to move diabetes care forward.

We’ve achieved so much and together we are one step closer of reaching our vision of a world where diabetes can do no harm.


George Harris, Speaker Volunteer 

Our speaker volunteers raise awareness of diabetes in their local area by giving talks and presenting to groups 

"It’s such a rewarding feeling to know that you are potentially helping people improve their health and ultimately help them lead a better and more active lifestyle."

Read George's story




Dilys Shepherd, Type 1 Event Volunteer

Volunteers at our Type 1 Events have been giving children and teenagers the skills they need to look after their diabetes. 

"If you are up for a challenge, please consider joining the volunteers at one of the weekend events, or the week long children’s holidays.  You will never regret it!"  

Read Dilys's story






Mike Kendall, Diabetes Voice 

Our Diabetes Voices campaign with us to make a difference for everyone living with diabetes. 

"It's an opportunity to give a little back. To stand alongside other people who are facing the same struggles every day and to try make Type 1 diabetes a little easier to live with."

Read Mike's story.




Phyllis Cartwright, Group Support Volunteer 

The overall purpose of a group support volunteer is to assist your local volunteering team in supporting and developing our local groups. 

"It makes a huge difference in sharing with team members and volunteers what it’s like living with diabetes, whether Type 1 or Type 2, means and the effect on one’s life."

Read Phyllis's story.  




Bob Swindell, member of the Council of People Living with Diabetes (CPD)

The CPD acts as a sounding board for Diabetes UK’s Trustees and senior staff and meet 4 times a year to discuss ongoing and future campaigns, as well as topical issues affecting those with diabetes. The feedback informs the actions of Diabetes UK. 

"I have met some amazing people and made some great friends; without a doubt this is the best part of volunteering for me"

Read Bob's story.



Sarah Gibbs, Events Volunteer, Speaker Volunteer and Local Group member 

As a local group member, Sarah offers understanding, help and support to those afffected by diabetes 

"Volunteering has had a massive impact on my life, it has changed my life, I've gained better understanding of diabetes and through the local group I am able to pass this understanding on to others"

Read Sarah's story.

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