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#StopHateForProfit campaign – our statement

“At Diabetes UK we are committed to tackling the inequalities that we know persist not only in diabetes, but across our society as a whole – inequalities that the COVID-19 pandemic has pulled, rightly, into sharp focus. We are determined to fight discrimination where we find it, and we are steadfastly anti-racist as an organisation. That’s why we support the aims and intentions of the #StopHateForProfit campaign. 

Mother and daughter take on One Million Step Challenge

Anna said: "Cori hadn't been himself for about two weeks, I noticed he was going to the toilet more often than normal, feeling tired and drinking a lot more than usual, to the point of drinking four pints of milk in a day! As parents we didn't know the signs of diabetes. My maternal instinct kicked in and I knew something just wasn't right, I assumed he had some kind of infection".

Cori was diagnosed the day before World Diabetes Day.

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