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Participate in quality of life study

Do you believe that doctors and the NHS should do more to improve the quality of life of patients and people with a disability? If you do, one problem is that it can be difficult to know what is meant by the phrase ‘quality of life’.

To help overcome this problem, the QALYity Project  would like to invite Diabetes UK supporters to give their viewpoints on their quality of life to a study taking place in England and Wales.

The QALYity Project is an alliance of prestigious patient groups, medical professionals, academics and journalists. It is conducting the study to measure how effective medical treatment or care/support is at improving the quality of life of people with a long-term medical condition (or a disability) - as determined by the individuals themselves, not by clinicians.

The results of the study will be made publicly available, will be submitted for peer review, and will also be presented to the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), the government-funded body that decides which treatments and care should be paid for by the NHS.

You can take part in the studyonline. For more about the QALYity Project please see the Patient Viewwebsite.

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