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Know your eye screening results

You might hear R1 or M0 after your eye screening. We’ll help you understand what these results mean and why you need to know them.

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Each week another 30 people develop sight loss because of diabetes.

You need to understand the results of your eye screening because if you do have a problem, you need to know what happens next.

So, what is the difference between R1 and M0?

When you get your eye screening results you’ll see an ‘R’, which stands for retinopathy. The number tells you how much damage, if any, has been done. If you’ve got R1, it means there is some damage to the blood vessels in your eye. 

If you see M0 in your results, it’s good news. The ‘M’ stands for maculopathy, which is when fluid builds up in part of the eye. The 0 means there isn’t any reason to be worried by it yet.

Your eye screening can pick up more serious damage to your eyes too, which might need treatment. But it's important to know that early stage damage can be reversed.

That’s why understanding what you can do to take care of your eyes between appointments is so vital. We’ll help you discover everything you can do to protect your sight.

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