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Professional Conference Award Winners 2019

Diabetes UK Education and Self-management Award

P247 - Revolutionising access and outcomes in Type 2 diabetes structured education programmes through remote care
L Jones, L Diamond, M Jenkins, S Adu and R Vallis (London)

Runner Up: P251 - We can work it out: a qualitative study of how people with Type 2 diabetes experience, manage and balance the demands of work with the demands of diabetes self-care (B Cleal, M Nexø and I Willaing - Copenhagen, Denmark)

Young Diabetologists and Endocrinologists Forum Trainee Award

A14 - Preventing hypoglycaemia following treatment of hyperkalaemia in hospitalised patients
CK Boughton, A Cox, G Noble-Bell, B Fidler, J Chudley, C Anderson, G Cavell and O Mustafa (London)

Runner Up: A13 - New insights into cerebral blood flow abnormalities in brain regions responsible for cognitive function in Type 2 diabetes (L Hunt, D Selvarajah, S Tesfaye and ID Wilkinson - Sheffield)

Diabetes UK Psychological Care Poster Award

P444 - Qualitative evaluation of a weight loss intervention using total diet replacement (TDR) for diabetes reversal in the Diabetes REmission Clinical Trial (DiRECT)
L Rehackova, AM Rodrigues, N Brosnahan, AC Barnes, S Zhyzhneuskaya, C Peters, MEJ Lean, AJ Adamson, R Taylor and FF Sniehotta (Newcastle upon Tyne/Glasgow)

Diabetes UK Type 2 Diabetes Research Award

A48 - Pharmacokinetic study of metformin: Insights into the mechanism of metformin intolerance
LJ McCreight, TB Stage, PJ Connelly, M Lonergan, K Brøsen, C Prehn, J Adamski and ER Pearson (Dundee/Odense, Denmark/Munich, Germany)

Runner Up: A45 - Significant improvement in insulin secretion rates after low calorie diet and weight loss in the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT) (SV Zhyzhneuskaya, A Al-Mrabeh, C Peters, B Aribisala, A Barnes, H Pilkington, KG Hollingsworth, MEJ Lean and R Taylor - Newcastle upon Tyne/Lagos, Nigeria/Glasgow)

Diabetes UK Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professional Diabetes Research Poster Award

P428 - GDm-Health Plus: Development of a remote behavioural lifestyle management system for women with gestational diabetes
PA Dyson, JE Hirst, CJ Bartlett, Y Kenworthy, A Hargreaves, S Roberts, C Velardo, S Jebb, L Tarassenko and L MacKillop (Oxford)

Runner Up: P324 - Only 16% of diabetic foot infections requiring acute hospital admission could be classified as severe based on current guidelines (E Pendry, NL Petrova, C Manu, P Vas and ME Edmonds - London)

Lilly Diabetes Basic Science Poster Award

P54: The skin: A novel regulator of whole-body glucose homeostasis
E Evans, X Kodji, S Sayers, Y Xia, S Brain, M Philpott, R Hannen and P Caton

Runner Up: P131: Acute metabolic effects of activation of GPR120 with selective long-chain fatty acid agonists on islet and enteroendocrine cell function (AG McCloskey, MG Miskelly, PR Flatt, AM McKillop - Coleraine)

Lilly Diabetes Clinical Science Poster Award

P110: Zinc transporter 8 autoantibody is comparable to established autoantibodies in excluding patients for genetic analysis in Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY)
TYH Chan, K Patel, K Colclough, AT Hattersley and TJ McDonald (Exeter)

Runner Up: P152: Precision medicine in Type 2 diabetes: Is variation in response to sitagliptin and gliclazide therapy related to drug levels? (EY Shakweh, BM Shields, CD Angwin, LR Rodgers, TJ McDonald, ER Pearson, AT Hattersley, AG Jones and on behalf of the Mastermind Consortium - Exeter)

Diabetes UK Primary Care Poster Award

P470: A low-carbohydrate diet is an effective treatment for prediabetes
DJ Unwin and D Cavan (London)

Runner Up: P401: Managing diabetic kidney diseases (DKD) in the community: Lessons and experiences from a community clinic in Lambeth, South London (A Hodgkinson, M Allen-Taylor, C Rook, I Reece, D McGowan, S Newall, M Chamley and J Karalliedde - London)

Nick Hales Young Investigator Award

A73 (P78): Proportions and characteristics of people achieving remission without medication in the first year following diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes in Scotland: A nested case-control study
M Capiteaux (Edinburgh)

Runner Up: Accelerator pedal control in diabetes: Influence of ankle proprioception and muscle strength (M Perazzolo, FL Bowling, AJM Boulton, M Raffi, D Marple-Horvat and ND Reeves - Manchester)

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