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Professional Conference Award Winners 2019


Diabetes UK Education and Self-management Award

A67 - Exploring the impact of a pharmacist-led feedback intervention on insulin prescribing error frequency
M Lloyd, A Hart, N Bennett, S Michaels, J Cardwell and N Furlong (Liverpool)

Diabetes UK Young Investigator Award

A57 - Physiological assessment of individuals with sulphonylurea-treated KCNJ11 permanent neonatal diabetes following carbohydrate and protein meals shows markedly reduced KATP mediated insulin secretion but relatively intact non-KATP pathways
P Bowman, KA Patel, TJ McDonald, BA Knight, M Leveridge, SE Flanagan, S Hammersley, MH Shepherd, RC Andrews and AT Hattersley (Exeter)

Young Diabetologists and Endocrinologists Forum Trainee Award

Joint Winners

A41 - Hepatic steatosis does not predict 10 year incident cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma or mortality in people with Type 2 diabetes
SM Grecian, S McLachlan, A Sluiman, R Forster, RM Williamson, RM Reynolds, BM Frier, NN Zammitt, JF Price and MWJ Strachan (Edinburgh)

A44 - ‘Favourable adiposity’ genetic factors pinpoint to the role of subcutaneous adipose tissue and ectopic liver fat in the ethnic differences in adiposity and diabetes risk
H Yaghootkar, J Harrison, T Frayling and J Bell (Exeter/London)

Diabetes UK Psychological Care Poster Award

P374 - Assessing the impact of mental health on health outcomes of young adults with diabetes
LA McKenna and SC Ferguson (Kilmarnock)


Diabetes UK Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professional Diabetes Research Poster Award

P216 - Can structured education for women with gestational diabetes enhance knowledge and self-confidence in managing diabetes? A tertiary centre experience report
T Gray, L Prince, M Bilous, H Venkarataman, S Mahadasu, D Meneni and A Aldibbiat (Middlesbrough/Newcastle upon Tyne)


Lilly Diabetes Basic Science Poster Award

Joint Winners

P10 - Optimising transplantation efficiency through mesenchymal stromal cell modulated improvements in islet mitochondrial bioenergetics
C Rackham, E Hubber, A Czajka, A Malik, P Choudhary, A King and P Jones (London)

P11 - Hyperglycaemia adversely affects mitochondrial function in pancreatic islets
E Haythorne, AI Tarasov, M Rohm, T Blacker, M van de Bunt, S Davies, S Fischer, M Duchen and FM Ashcroft (Oxford/London)


Lilly Diabetes Clinical Science Poster Award

P79 - Altered connectivity between the right lateral occipital cortex and the default mode network in Type 1 diabetes compared to healthy controls
P Jacob, C Osborne, M Nwokolo, O O'Daly, F Zelaya, SA Amiel and P Choudhary (London)


Diabetes UK Primary Care Poster Award

P399 - To assess clinical and cost effectiveness of an integrated diabetes care model in Solihull (SoLID) general practice
H Alkhder, S Coane, Q Altaf, S Bellary, R Cook, B Faulkner, A Kamal, T Patel and MA Karamat (Solihull/Birmingham)


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