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Professional Conference Award Winners 2023


Diabetes UK Primary Care Poster Award

P122 - AH Heald, M Stedman, E Jude, B Meza Torres, JM GIbson, G Rayman, A Robinson, N Reeves, G Dunn, M Edmonds

'At risk foot status in diabetes: Its determinants and consequences. Determinants of mortality in the Salford diabetes study: Findings 2010-2020'


Diabetes UK Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professional Diabetes Research Award

P265 - L Prothero, T Strudwick, T Foster, K Dhatariya, A Lake, A Boyle, J Williams, G Rayman

'A stepped-wedge controlled feasibility study examining blood ketone meter use by ambulance clinicians for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) recognition and commencement of fluid therapy in the emergency pre-hospital setting'


Diabetes UK Psychological Care Poster Award

Winner: P306 - E Moffat, C Ellwood, J Waddingham, S Mohamed, K MacLennan

'Act now!: A brief supported self-management intervention to improve glycaemic control and emotional wellbeing in type 2 diabetes'


Runner-up: P305 - M Due-Christensen, LD Bruun, LE Joensen, O Norgaard, TH Andersen

'Psychosocial aspects and perspectives of adult-onset type 1 diabetes: A systematic scoping review'


Diabetes UK Paediatric Diabetes Award

P338 - PK Christian, J Endean, A Gupta, N Richards, D Gilmour, G Evans, U Parkash

'Regional peer review in Kent and Medway paediatric diabetes units: An effective and resource efficient model'


Diabetes UK Basic Science Poster Award

Winner: P3 - BM Williams, CL Cliff, JK Ward, PE Squires, CE Hills

'Bocking connexin-43 hemichannels reduces high glucose-evoked nod-like receptor protein-3 inflammasome activation in a model of diabetic nephropathy'


Runner-up: P100 - SL Walker, J Noble, A Thomson, CM Moran, J Henderson, A Judge, D Mellis, I Lee, L White, S Forbes

'Ultrasound-guided hepatic portal vein injection is not a reproducible technique for delivery of cell therapies to the liver in rodents' 


Diabetes UK Clinical Science Poster Award

Winner: P109 - S Chakka, NJ Thomas, D Fraser, AT Hattersley, K Patel, AG Jones

'Severe endogenous insulin deficiency is rare in longstanding type 2 diabetes and usually reflects misclassified autoimmune aetiology diabetes'


Runner-up: P53 - LA Allen, GL Mortimer, R Fareed, CL Williams, S Bain, CM Dayan, D Fraser, W Hagopian, RA Oram, K Gillespie

'The reduction in genetic contribution to the incidence of childhood type 1 diabetes has stabilised over time'


Diabetes UK Early Career Investigator Award

Winner: A29 - P Cardoso, KG Young, R Hopkins, D Raya, AG Jones, ER Pearson, AT Hattersley, BM Shields, TJ McKinley, JM Dennis

'Precision medicine in type 2 diabetes: Simple clinical characteristics alter the glucose-lowering efficacy of SGLT2-inhibitors and GLP-1 receptor agonists and can determine optimal therapy choice'


Runner-up: A25 - L El Eid, B Jones, A Tomas

'The human GLP-1R single nucleotide polymorphism rs10305492 modulates glycaemic and pharmacological response to incretin-based therapy in ex-vivo and in vivo mouse models'


Diabetes UK Young People’s Diabetes Service Award

P162 - D Gable, L Wilson, S Misra

'Injectable therapies are acceptable and effective in people with early-onset type 2 diabetes'


Young Diabetologists and Endocrinologists Forum Travel Award

Winner: A51 - P Divilly, G Martine-Edith, Z Mahmoudi, N Zaremba, U Søholm,S Amiel, F Pouwer, P Choudhary

'Symptomatic hypoglycaemia in type 1 and insulin treated type 2 diabetes assessed by real time person-reported hypoglycaemia and continuous glucose monitoring: The Hypo-METRICS study'


Runner-up: A48 - G Sloan, D Selvarajah, A Anton, K Teh, P Shillo, M Greig, M Goonoo, S Caunt, ID Wilkinson, S Tesfaye

'Preservation of thalamic mitochondrial and neuronal function in painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy: A multi-modal magnetic resonance imaging study'


Diabetes UK Education and Self-management Award

A53 - J Alkandari, M Irshad, E Taghadom, A Abdullah, M Azizieh, S Murad, A El Samad, A Varghese, A Baqer, E Al Ozairi

'Use of technology with structured education in people with type 1 diabetes during Ramadan'


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