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London Bridges Challenge milestones

London Bridges Challenge 2019

Your pack is the blueprint to being a London Bridger

In each London Bridges Challenge pack is a set of milestones. Here's why they're there. Give them a try.

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Fundraising and Unity milestones

  1. Adding a picture, your story, a target and posting an update makes your JustGiving page full of inspiration for others to donate. They know what you’re taking part in, your motivation and inspiration, what you want to achieve and much more.
  2. Donating to your own page gets you off the mark and is proven to encourage people that visit your page to donate. A little goes a long way for this milestone, think of it as a kick-start to your fundraising.
  3. Adding a personal thank you message to your JustGiving page is a lovely touch that helps friends and family feel extra special, and you can encourage them to come back again. Go to your page after logging in and click the ‘edit your page’ button and you’ll see within the ‘edit and personalise your page’ section a button called ‘personalise your thank you message’. You can edit and save your message here.
  4. Being direct can be a really effective way to raise funds. Which is why we recommend WhatsApp or text message. Copy your JustGiving link to the message and ask for whatever you feel comfortable with, to the people you really want to see your page.
  5. Just as being direct is important, so is sharing your JustGiving page far and wide. Colleagues, social groups and your social media can be great places to get support. And you can tailor what and how you ask for support to appeal to different groups in the best way. Be bold and creative.
  6. Show the people that visit your page what you’re up to and what progress you've made. As you do you can ask for support, tell them a huge thank you for everything so far, or encourage them to get involved themselves. It’s entirely up to you.
  7. It’s a lovely feeling when someone invites you to join them personally for a special occasion. So if someone comes to mind that you’d like to invite on 29 September, give them a call and see if they’d like to join you. Or get a group of you going on the big day.
  8. You can say a lot in 30 seconds. So whether you want to make people laugh, help them learn or tell them your story, take a minute to record a message you can share with friends and family. Ask them to join you for what’s a great day out, but also means a lot.
  9. It’s important to remember that on 29 September we’ll be walking 10 miles, so some practice walks is a great way to prep for the day. Start with two shorter walks in one week and encourage a couple of friends or family to go out with you.
  10. Walking is a really important way to stay active, and we think encouraging people to start stepping regularly is such a positive thing. Get some friends and family together for a long walk on the weekend, enjoy spending time together outdoors and make walking a lifestyle.
  11. Someone telling you they’re proud of everything you’ve achieved so far as a London Bridger is something really special. So we want to encourage you all, as a sign of unity, to support one another however you can and most importantly, leave a heartfelt message of support.
  12. Put together a few words about what it means when you see so many people fighting for a world where diabetes can do no harm. To encourage others to achieve what they want as individuals and as a collective. And to remind yourself of why you've done the incredible thing you have so far.


So there you have it, the blueprint to being a London Bridger. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us at

Create your JustGiving page

London Bridges 2019
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