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Fundraise at school

Join the adventure. You'll learn about different types of diabetes and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

And use your creativity to find fundraising treasure. All with Diabetes UK as your guide.

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Join the adventure (primary school 1130x)

An adventure is a rite of passage.

It teaches us to be free. Free to explore with honest curiosity.

To be daring, excited and to wonder what you could achieve.

What kind of hero you could be.


We should all be free to go on an adventure.

But some children and adults feel held back by a diabetes diagnosis.

And that’s why we’re here. To encourage everyone to follow their dreams.

To help people feel confident managing their diabetes, to be included and to be safe as they explore.


And you can help by going on your own fundraising adventures at school


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School fundraising - join the adventure

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