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Weekly Heroics


Nurturing revolutionary spirit

We often celebrate professional success. 'Well done Brenda for completing your training course', 'Congratulations to Rob for closing the toilet door'.

Not often enough do we celebrate the funny, encouraging and inspirational people and moments that make a workplace more than a 'weekly grind'. 

It's these people who put themselves forward to fight for the greater good. Like a hero. They're your most valuable asset when fighting for a world where diabetes can do no harm.

When a collective of these heroes forms what you’re seeing is a culture change, or what we call a workplace transformation. This is the revolutionary spirit.

Celebrating weekly heroics

To nurture this spirit we must celebrate heroics in the workplace, flipping the traditional recognition system on its head. And if we do it as planned, this spirit will become second nature. 

Keep an eye out for these behaviours or actions to start with, create your own celebration methods and use the posters in your pack to ensure everyone in the building is aware of their heroism.

The little things

  • In house post it note cartoonist
  • Quote of the day specialist
  • Totaliser master

The committed

  • Revolutionary communication provider
  • Heroic activity photographer
  • Fundraising master-planner

The quietly brilliant

  • Healthy recipe whizz
  • Social media scientist
  • Crazy hair trend setter

The enablers

  • Devoted management and executives

  • High five enthusiast

  • Fighting diabetes motivational speaker

The brave

  • The event participants
  • The lifestyle changers
  • The challenge accepters

Team players

  • Fancy dress experts
  • The fundraising committee dons
  • Office Olympics atheletes

Creative talents

  • Fundraising idea mapper
  • Social scene planning
  • Office game generator


Once you've embedded behaviours like these you'll see an end to the 'weekly grind' once and for all. Your fellow revolutionary spirits will learn together about the seriousness of diabetes, conspire to be healthy and use rebellious fundraising tactics to fight diabetes.

And our plan will have been a total success. The change in workplace satisfaction will be described with words like 'phenomenal' and 'skyrocketing' . 

Should you want to hold extravagant award ceremonies, give out Hiro the fundraising dinosaur trophies and shout out just how brilliant you are to the world, we support you.

Because you're the best rebel with a cause we've ever seen.

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