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Volunteers' Week 2019

This year’s theme is every hour counts. We’ll be highlighting stories of people with diabetes thanking a volunteer who’s helped them. It’s our chance to say thank you to our army of 6,500 volunteers who give 100,000 hours of time a year to people living with diabetes.


Greater investment in diabetes research

Driving diabetes research forward

Bob, a member of one of our Diabetes Clinical Studies groups, volunteers to help shape the future of diabetes research
A transformation in diabetes care

Fighting for better diabetes care in your area

Volunteering to reduce the inequality of care for people living with diabetes. Read Sandra's story
Reducing obesity and preventing Type 2 diabetes

Helping others understand their risk of developing Type 2

Know Your Risk volunteers like Spencer work tirelessly to ensure more people learn their risk of developing Type 2
Helping everyone to manage their diabetes

Providing a listening ear to those that need it

Our local groups such as West Lothian offer support and understanding at an important time. Marylin tells us more about her role as secretary of the group
A revolution in understanding and support

Putting the spotlight on diabetes

Jodie is creating movement in Manchester. Find out how she has made a difference to students living with Type 1 diabetes
The best people and best organisation

Creating the best working environment to support those affected by diabetes

Sally helps tackle the diabetes crisis by supporting our local groups in the South East
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